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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Night Out with my College Friends

From L to R: Marica, Danica, Michelle, Kathy, Gracie, and Joan

Last Saturday I was able to hang out with my college friends in Michelle's house. 

If you are one of my readers Michelle is one of my biggest supporter and my uber best friend.

We actually started at around 5pm because some of us came a little later than the time that was set up haha! Sorry Filipino time again LOL 

Of course since it has been a while since we got together there were a lot of catching up to do. And also a lot of gossiping, its a normal thing since WE are girls you know! haha! 

The initial plan was actually a night out in Eastwood, then it became Madison's then Padi's Cubao. But the final decision was in Michelle's house. You should have seen the thread we made on Facebook, it was like a week's worth! 

Random moment.
 Hanging out with my college girl friends is actually much fun than those with my High school friends. There I said it. Because I can't connect with their likes to what I like. I'm fairly a girly girl in person if you ask me. And I was a different person when I was in High school, Its nowhere near what I am right now. 

Going back to the topic. 

It was actually a bit awkward when we started, it was like when we were in Freshman year in college all over again haha! but later on we were able to get comfortable. 

bottle number 1.

We started the evening with a bottle of red wine from Italy. We also got a lesson about wine from Michelle's tito Arnold :) 

The second bottle that we had was a bit harder to finish than the first one. The second wine actually didn't tasted that good. ick!

We also had pizza! haha! we were actually planning on ordering Big Guy's Pizza but when we were informed that it will be delivered at 10 pm we just said THANK YOU! 

The ever so known "Dyahe" piece. And for some reason I was the one who ate this piece. 

We also had Pancit Palabok from.... I forgot! sorry haha! but it tasted really good. ^_^

Here are some of the pictures of what happened. 

Enjoy! :) 

I am really sorry for the exaggerated pose. WE WERE HUNGRY!

 And now I leave you with a picture of one of my friends who got first serving of the pancit palabok

Much Love! 

-- Alice


Issa said... [Reply]

ang saya saya naman nyan! :)

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