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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Updated Skincare Routine

Ola! Happy Wednesday to you! Thank you so much for dropping by my page!

I have been told many times that I have good skin. 

Honestly, I don't think I have good skin because I have the same concern of everyone. I just know how to take care of my skin that well haha! And when I was in high school I had moderately severe acne and it really affected me and my self esteem. 

So I made it my mission to have good skin in anyway possible. 

The only time I went to a dermatologist was when I still had my pimples. But since then I haven't visited another dermatologist.

Lets start!  

Pond's Perfectly Matte, Pond's Clear Solutions, and Clinique liquid facial soap
For cleansers, I actually use 3 but I switch them up every other day. I have two from Pond's which are the perfectly matte and the clear solutions. I also have a sample size from Clinique. I would actually wash my face twice a day, one in the morning then the other at night. Its pretty simple actually. One main thing I look for cleansers is that they it doesn't strip off too much oil from my skin. 

I usually use the clear solutions on days that I am near my period. Since this is my blog I won't sugar-coat some word okay? haha! I use perfectly matte when I need a matte face (duh!). Clinique is my usual night cleanser since it is very mild. 

Sophie Paris (2) Phase Make up remover and Eskinol Astringent.

Let's move to make up removers and astringents. 

What I usually do is I use my make up remover from Sophie Paris to remove make up and dirt that went in my face during the day, then I'd use my astringent from Eskinol to remove the excess. I'm a bit of an OC when it comes in removing make up for some reason. 

Myra E Daily Sun protect and Clinique Derma white moisturizer

 On to moisturizers then. 

I also have a day and night moisturizer. My day moisturizer is the Myra E sun protect. I use this product since its light and it also has SPF 15 which is good when you are just in the office. My night moisturizer is from Clinique derma white, this is mainly to regenerate my skin from the hustle it went through out the day. The product also lightens my acne scars. 

And lastly, my facial scrub and clay mask. Mostly these product would be used every other night. 

With the clay mask it would be a 3 times a week routine since I have oily-combination skin. With the facial scrub it would be 4 times a week. 

Its a bit of a hassle sometimes to take care of my skin but its actually worth it since I can see the results. 

As a promise to my video this is what I looked like a couple of years ago... 

This was just 2 years ago. see how much change happened? haha! 

Here is the video version of my skin care routine

If you stick to a good skin care regimen you will really see the result. 

I'll do updates about my skin care routine in another few months :) 

What are the products you really love to use for your skin.

I'll be waiting for your answers on the comment box! 

 Much Love! 



Belle said... [Reply]

sis saw the clinique facial wash you're using, i have the scrub sampler. but when i tried using it, i dunno if that smell is the way it's supposed to be. it's not mabango... how's yours. dunno if this is expired or not.i didnt use it na after first try

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