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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Erik Santos' powER IKons Concert + Surprise!!

Last night I was able to catch "powER IKons" concert of Erik Santos. 

I was able to watch it with 4 more bloggers :) 

Check the pictures below for a special surprise BUT first read this article ok? :) 

There were a lot of this I can really commend in this concert. For one is their repertoire, I had first hand experience picking music for a production and its quite hard to choose a good collection of songs. The music transition is great. 

From Rihanna, Beyonce, to Barbara Streisand, to local icons such as Regine Velasquez, Gary Valenciano, which actually was there too!  and to classics such as Rod Stewart and Basil Valdez. 

There were guest appearances from Star Power's Champion Angeline Quinto, who I would say wore a fabulous gown last night. There was also Stephanie Reese,  who performed in Miss Saigon - Germany.
There was also Pops Fernandez who performed a mash up of Express yourself from Madonna and Born this way from Lady Gaga.  

I also loved that he sang classics such as Evergreen from Barbara Streisand. I actually heard from Erik that it was his first time singing that song and they only practiced it hours before the concert began. 

Fashion-wise, the clothes that he chose on stage was very simple yet also expresses his personality and the music he would like to share with the audience. Erik Santos is really simple and has a clean look, so with the clothes that he chose it was nice that there is not much drama. :) 

Group Pic! :) credits to Jeman Villanueva
With Charles Angel of Wickermoss :)

This is the surprise I have for you. (not the picture above...ok that is one of those! LOL)
If you watch youtube, you may know her already. I just had a moment with Marie Digby! OMG!!! 
Honestly all my confidence dropped on the floor because she is just gorgeous! Haha! just joking! 

And I leave you with my picture with Marie Digby. 

Thank you for the invite Jeman Villanueva, 
and also Caress of Cornerstone I really enjoyed the concert! :) 

Till the next event! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


Issa said... [Reply]

this is such a fun event! you're so lucky to get invites :)

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