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Monday, August 15, 2011

Broken Lippie + me = :(

Hey girls! You may have seen this picture from my previous post. 

 And it is regarding the Ever Bilena Collections palette 
that unfortunately was damaged by my niece and nephew. 

When I saw this I was like *OMFG* 

I love my nephew and my niece. They are my pride and joy. And honestly I would really give everything to them, but when their curiosity brings havoc to my world I just can't help but say 

"why? what have I done to you that you did this?" 

You should have seen my face when I saw this, I was like the screamer, without the creepy hood and all. 

ugh! I can't actually scold those two because they are so darn sensitive and adorable. And they really did learn my tricks of the puppy eyes...goodness! why do you have to be that good like your tita! haha! 

Keep your make up AWAY from toddlers

The more curious they are the worst it can be. 

Here are some pictures of my nephew and niece

This is Ivan

This is Precious

Whatchu looking at??

you have a problem??!! 

Don't mess with him when he just woke up. you ain't going to like it.
These two adorable tots are just like me. 

Outrageously Curious. 

But they are absolutely adorable don't you think?    

Have you experience these kinds of tots? how have you handled them? 

Let me know at the comment box and I will talk to you soon 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


Issa said... [Reply]

they are adorable alice! they're so lucky to have a tita like you :)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

adorable kids.. patience patience LOL
agree with issa they're lucky to have a tita like you =)

Traveliztera said... [Reply]

They are so cute!

Alice said... [Reply]

@Traveliztera thanks! They are cute even now! It's actually their birthday today ^^,

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