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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 2011 Haul

Ola girls! 

I have decided I will just do a monthly haul because I don't really shop till I drop in the first place haha! 

any who these are the stuff that I bought within the month of August.

First thing I bought was Myra E daily sun protect facial moisturizer. I have been using this moisturizer for some time and it has never failed me. I also bought Pond's clear solutions since I have the usual pre-menstrual break out that I need to tame from time to time. 

Next is a lippie from Sophie Paris Koshize lipstick in Red Salsa. If you have read my addictions on lipsticks you may have seen this. I love the color since it doesn't make me look like I just drank blood. This lipstick is matte and long lasting, so I will test it out.  

Another sophie paris! I have seen this before when I was still in college but I haven't used it for myself. So I bought this basically out of the whim and because I have been becoming a bit lazy in applying make up. Blame it in this pesky rain! haha!

Second to the last Sophie product is their perfect skin foaming cleanser. It says this can reduce your little red bumps called acne or pimples within 48 hours. I haven't even opened this one so I will have to finish the Pond's cleanser that i still have. 

The last Sophie product is from the perfect skin line. This is their acne gel which I think works but I think I have to use it everyday to find out more. 

Now lets move to the Clinique products that I got from Shen's Clinique Party. If you want to know more about that click here. Going back, I got 3 items. First one was their mascara. Then I have the Clinique City Block. I'll do a proper review on this next time. 

Another product I got is their Turnaround concentrate which will renew your skin. I haven't used this actually so I'll let you know if this product works for me in the coming days to come. 

 And of course the last product is from Ever Bilena. I bought 2 of their mousse blush in rose pink and aster. I also bought one of their mousse foundation in Walnut. I especially love the smell of their mousse foundation. It actually has the same scent of my other ever bilena foundation. Did I tell you that they only cost 99 php each? Yes! They have this ongoing promotion that their mousse products are only 99 php! :) 

Well that's it for the haul this month. And I do think I will have to stop buying more make up because my make up drawer and my wallet will not take it anymore haha! 

Here is the video version by the way! :) 

Have a safe day ahead! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


Aya said... [Reply]

Now I'm really interested with Sophie Paris! Gotta try. :D

Issa said... [Reply]

wow, ang dami! nice haul! :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ aya -- must try talaga! :)

@ Issa -- thanks! :D last haul ko na to for the year because I have to save up for a new camera! :)

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