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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Urbanears, Adding a little color to our concept of sound

As promised here is my post about the Urbanears headphones.

I attended an event last Friday for Urbanears. Honestly speaking I really don't know the product that much, but as attending the event I was able to get to know more about the product and also some terms regarding sound.

If you see me everyday you would know that I can’t live without music. I usually spend a total of 18 hours immersed in music. No exaggerations on that because from the moment I wake up to I go to sleep I think, breathe, and live music in my veins haha! Seems like an obsession but no joke on that. Almost everyone has a headphone or earphone stuck in their ear on their way to school or at work.

One thing I really consider when buying them is if they still give me great sound after a great deal of time. I have been trying t
One thing I really consider when buying them is if they still give me great sound after a great deal of time. I have been trying these earphones for a while, but the report will have to wait. I will just introduce to you the product for now. ^_^

Urbanears is based on Stockholm, Sweden. Their mission is to dedicate making headphones that will “amplify the link between you and your music”. Basically they make headphones that fit our lifestyles whether we like to be isolated with our music or make it a part of our outfits, Urbanears will add a little bit of color to the concept of sound.

One interesting fact about their designs is when a certain color comes out, it won’t be released anymore. They usually release 14 colors per year. And you can also choose a color you like using the Pantone system and send it to them. You’ll never know the color you sent would be part of their next set.

Another unique thing about their headphones and earphones is the packaging. If you notice on the front there are markings for longitude and latitude, which is actually the exact place where the product was made. And also are you wondering where they get the names for their headphone and earphone models? Its actually names of the districts in Sweden cool right?

Let’s talk about the designs of their headsets. I noticed there’s like 2 types of headphones – the in-ear and the out-ear; Correct me if I’m wrong regarding the terms, I’m not really good with these haha!

In-ear headphones are the ones that will give you isolation to enjoy. I would say this is the type that I like more because I like to really listen to all the parts of the song. 2 of their headphones have this which is BAGIS and PLATTAN.

The out-ear headphones doesn’t really isolate you from the sound, but still give you a great feel to your music. These types of headphones are great for those who still want to hear the outside noise. MEDIS and TANTO have this design.

Bagis is actually the smallest model that they have. It is lightweight and easily plugs in your ear. This was the headphone that was given to us in the event. I’m actually using it while writing this article. As it says, it will isolate you from the environment which is what I like doing when I am writing.

One unique feature about this headset is that it snaps together so we can easily carry then around on our neck. The sound is superb. I usually turn up the volume before on my old headphones so I can hear it, now I actually just have to put it on mid range so I won’t become temporarily deaf after listening haha!

This also has a microphone and remote, which you can also use for your phone. This works with most brands like blackberry, Iphone, HTC and among others. It also comes with 2 extra sleeves in large and small to guarantee a great fit. This has 9mm handmade drivers, a Frequency response of 20hz-20hz, an Impedance of 16 Ohm. Sensitivity level if 107dB and a maximum input power of 5mW. I know it’s a lot of electronic jargons but basically this means that even if you don’t turn up the volume it will give you a great sound.

Medis is actually a classic earphone, but it has a catch this earphone does not fall off. It has a snap feature which fits to your ear. It doesn't isolate you from outside noise unlike the Bagis. This is perfect for athletes, especially for runners, I know one runner that might like this ^_^. As same with the other headphones of Urbanears this comes with a microphone and remote and is also fit for Iphones, Blackberry and HTC phones.

Personally, this one is a good buy if you are the one that needs to know what is happening while still listening to your mp3. A good buy for mommies too! ^_^ and since it has a snap feature this won’t fall off even if you are juggling 2 rascals or a report to pass. Medis has the same frequency and power with bagis which is 20hz-20hz and 5mW respectively. Impedance is 32 ohms, Sensitivity is 11dB.

Plattan is another classic headphone design. This actually looks like those ones that singers use to record their music. Like with Bagis, this is an in-ear headphone which is good if you want people to know that you REALLY want some peace and “me” time. This headphone actually folds nicely for safe keeping.

One cool feature about Plattan is that it has a Zoundplug which is instant music sharing. It has a plug at one of its headphones which you can plug another headphone to share with your friends ^_^. Lets go to the specifications, this comes with 40mm handmade drivers, frequency response of 20hz-20hz, Impedance of 60 ohms. It also has a sensitivity level of 115dB and a maximum power of 50mW.

I’m actually saving now for one of those for my 23rd Birthday next year ^_^

Tanto actually looks like those 80’s headphones from sony don’t you think? But one this about this is it has a remote and microphone. Another thing is how lightweight it is. Tanto is perfect to use if you just like to listen while looking cool at the same time LOL. Specification wise, this comes with maximum input power of 40mW, Sensitivity of 112dB, Impedance of 32ohms and 40 mm handmade drivers.

All headphones and earphone are made with fabric wire to have less tangles thus it won’t get broken easily. They also have a 1 year warranty, so for example you got a defective pair of headphones they will immediately replace it with a new one, but don’t forget to bring your purchase receipt as proof.

Whether you are in the music business or simply a music lover, a good pair of headphones is what you need. Investing in a pair of this is a great deal if you ask me.

I’ll have a review about this in 2 weeks so watch out!

Much love!



Issa said... [Reply]

O am a music lover myself! Can't wait to see your review! thanks for sharing! :)

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