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Monday, July 11, 2011

Starting Mondays with a Bang!

Ola! Happy Monday to all! 

How was your weekend? Mine it was good but not so much. 

It actually started bad because last Friday I was invited to an event. I also invited someone who didn't even come. He didn't even texted me that he can't come! The nerve! 

I really got pissed. I just enjoyed the event with new friends I met at Dolce Superclub. I'll tell you more about it on my next post :) 

To the person who didn't even texted me and wasted my effort in getting him VIP passes - THANK YOU SO MUCH! Don't expect next time I will treat you like that. 

There are only a few occassions and persons I treat. Usually my friends and the ones I'm really close with get this privelege. And its a rare chance that I treat VIP Passes on a club, since for one I don't clubbing that much. I'm just really hurt what he did. 
But going on the rest of the weekend it was great. Our house is nearly complete since last Sunday was my dad's 1st death anniversary. 

I mostly took care of my nephew and niece-took care that is to make them watch tv or just play games or be a bouncer to get them to stop fighting. There is nothing much to do last weekend I wasn't able to shoot videos too. But it was fun while it lasted though. 

Its been raining this past few days and I honestly hate it. I can't wear my favorite pants to the fear they'll get splattered with mud. 

Speaking of Sunday, yesterday was my dad's first death anniversary. Thinking about it was really hard to swallow. Its been a year since he went away. We were able to celebrate his life through the food the mom and my uncles cook, some of it were his favorite. We also attended a mass. We weren't able to go to papa since mama and my brothers were really busy trying to re-arrange the furniture for the guests later in the day. My mom said we'll visit papa maybe next Sunday.

This Monday I plan to start in with a bang, not literally a bang but to be more productive with my work and also my videos. I'll start with the article I have been researching for. I'll post that article as soon as tomorrow! :) 

How was your weekend by the way?

Hope you had a great weekend! 

Much Love!



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