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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Product Review: Clinique Derma Brightening cream

Ola! This is my review of the Clinique Derma whitening cream.]

This was given to me as a freebie from the Clinique party. 

If you like to check that out click here.

One of my main concerns is my acne marks. You may not see it in my pictures or videos but I have a lot especially on my jaw line. 

Back then I had moderately severe acne which left scars in my jaw line.  The cream I got was actually intended for dry skin or for type 1 and 2 skin according to their chart. I was advised to only use this at night since being exposed to sun with the cream on will make my skin really sensitive.

Lets go to the Pro’s and Con’s shall we?

What I love about the product:
--Did not break me out. Which is a good thing ^_^
--Does not have an icky scent. 
--Leaves my skin moisturized. 
--It did decreased my acne marks. 
--and lightened my skin, but not in a pale, vampire-ish way. 

What I did not like about the product:
-- Its in a tub packaging. It’s a bit unhygienic in a way because I have to scoop with my fingers to get the product.
--It’s a bit pricey. Since I only got a sample it was a good thing, when I searched online for the full price, it said that it costs around 2,050 php in a 30ml packaging. I literally dropped my jaws when I saw that. But for now I have to just be content with this tiny sample.

Some tips:
If you have type 3 skin (oily-combination skin) do opt for a gel type of moisturizer since it will be easily absorbed by out skin.

Always have a skin test before getting the product. Its best to know if the product is fit for your skin.

The verdict:
It’s a thumbs up for this product since I like the result it gave. The price is a bit of a shocker for me, but since it’s a great product you can let it go. I will definitely put this in my Must Have’s on my Christmas gift list haha! Kuya you know what to buy me ah! If you don’t want to buy me a Digital Camera, a tub of this would be good! LOL

Hope you like my review of the moment! 

Here is the video version :) 

If you have any products you want me to try please don’t hesitate to drop me a message.
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Much Love!



aringkingking said... [Reply]

Indeed a nice product to try, but it so expensive!

Issa said... [Reply]

yeah, clinique is a vey nice product because it really works! too steep for me though. I've been wishing for a fairy godmother to gift me with the clinique 3 step skincare, hihihi. :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@aringking -- IKR??? but then again it is really worth it... ahh I'll really buy one next time! :D

@Issa -- Me too! How I wish for a fairy Godmother to buy me not a clinique product but a DSL LOL :D

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