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Monday, July 4, 2011

Photoescape is Looking for sponsors ^_^


If you read my blog often I have mentioned that I will be having a giveaway soon. There is just one problem - I don't have a lot of product to give. 

I already have some make up I got from Ever Bilena as part of my prize from their contest, but I would like to give more to my subbies. 

I've also been in contact with someone from Human Nature for some products, I'll let you girls know what they are once I get them. 

So for now I am currently looking for companies that are willing to sponsor for my giveaway. 

Interested parties can email me at with the prize you are kindly willing to sponsor along with a link to your website so I can link back to your site.

I would really like to give a lot of prizes to those that have supported me from the very beginning and this is what I think is the best way to say thank you.

Much Love!

-- Alice 


jared's mum said... [Reply]

good luck on your quest to find giveaway sponsors, am sure they will come in not time :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

thanks! I've actually received some but still need wait for others :)

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