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Friday, July 29, 2011

Permit for a giveaway?? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!

An article has been released stating that if a blogger is going to have a giveaway / contest you have to get a permit from DTI. 

If you want to see the article you can go here. 

Do you want to know what I think about this? 

seriously, paying for a permit to giveaway stuff for free?? 
I know and understand that they are just protecting the consumers. Protecting them from what? from a free sigma brush? HA!

I am really irritated with this because not all of us are getting paid to blog. I for one don't even generate a sufficient income with my blog. I blog because I love sharing information that I have gathered. 

I also don't ask for donations or anything in return when I do reviews. I also PURCHASE what I review mind you. 

This idea is simply giving me a headache because I am going to have my VERY first giveaway yet I am not gonna giveaway the prizes because of this information? ARE YOU SERIOUS??!?!

There is no way I am keeping the items that was given to me. 
I will still hold the giveaway and nothing will stop that. 


Please do comment below what you think about this issue too. 

-- Alice


glenn encinares said... [Reply]

Hi Alice! I read also the article and talagang uminit ang ulo ko. First some bloggers giveaway came from bloggers personal expenses (lucky to those who were with sponsors but not to those individual who just want to give back something to their loyal readers)they also shoulder the shipment of the prizes. second the process of getting permit is very time consuming some bloggers were working or have their personal activities. Third I think this is another bad or oppressive, can the government or those officer who issue can think another law or rules for those big companies rather than individual or small blogger like us..I was really disappointed..tsk...tsk...tsk...

Jeff Aspacio said... [Reply]

Hello, Alice. I also disagree with the DTI sales promo permit requirement. You can read my stand on it in my blog. That's why I feel that this is something that we should not allow to happen.

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