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Monday, July 18, 2011

Movie Night: Twilight and My Sister's Keeper

For some reason on Sundays I would sit in front of the television and just watch anything available. Even if the movie is seriously ridiculous in its plot or its something great. 

And this Sunday was no ordinary one since I was able to watch 4 great films. I first watched Twilight in ABS-CBN then My Sister's Keeper in HBO. Both movies are great for their respective genre. The other 2 films are italian films sorry wasn't able to know their titles. :) 

Both movies were based from novels, which I would like to recommend to read the book first before watching these films. 

Let's begin with Twilight since its been my favorite when it was first released. Basically it is about the love of a vampire and a human. As I watched the movie again I realized that some parts of the film was dull but nonetheless the movie is still worth watching. 

Just think of this - your perfect guy is a vampire. He would basically go through heaven and earth to protect you since you are his world now...isn't that just romantic? well for some yes, but not all guys are like that nowadays. And basically vampires don't exist and if they are well that means everything IS possible.  This film made me think that there is a thing called true love and even if struggles are there love will always keep you together. 

The second film is about a girl who sues her parents for medical emancipation when they expect her to donate her kidney to her sister who is dying from leukemia. This is a tear-jerky film since it tackles a lot about families and their struggles. This film made me realize that life is so precious and we all have a chance to enjoy it. 

Both films are great to watch on a Sunday night which is a good thing. I was actually thinking of doing a movie marathon last night of all the Korean movies I've bought,but I'll just watch those next time. 

Question of the day: What was the last movie you last watched that made you realized a good thing about life?  

Much Love! 
-- Alice 

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Ian J said... [Reply]

Twilight for me is the ultimate romaticist (is this a word? XD) movie. Yeah, I know vamps don't exist. But what's stopping guys from being a sensitive enough to listen and actually see his partner's tone of voice and body language? HAHA I guess its my wishful thinking.

Let's see... Last movie that really touched me was Pursuit of Happyness. The thing with this movie is that its not appreciating life when you're about to die. Rather its appreciating it while you live. For most people regrets come when there's nothing you can do about it. I would rather that I did everything, therefore not leaving any room for regrets.

fashioneggpplant said... [Reply]

i haven't seen my sister's keeper. just saw cash back last night, it's pretty good, a make you think type of flick :)

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