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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Massage is better than medications for our aching back?

According to a Seattle-based researchers from the Group Health Research Institute they examined the benefits of relaxation massage if it will really cure our aching back. It was said in the report that a weekly one hour massage will do the trick than drinking medicine. 

Personally I would prefer a massage since its also therapeutic for our stress. The only problem though is that its not everyday that we can afford an hours worth of massage. For me, I actually have a machine at home that massages my back. I actually bought that thing for like 2,000 pesos. Nowadays I don't use it since I have 2 kids that might trample it haha! 

But above that, I think its more than massage that can help us cure our aching backs. You can just practice proper posture since one factor for back ache is improper posture.  

If you want to see the full article from the study you can go here 

So how do you ease the pain of your aching back from a stressful day at work? let me know at the comment box? 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


Aya said... [Reply]

I think I haven't had a legit massage ever. BUT I WOULD DEF LOVE TO.

Photoescape said... [Reply]

me too! I haven't used my massage thing in ages! :))

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