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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kpop Fridays! : Not really a kpop thing but is similar to it ^_^ + Girls Generation!

Happy Late Friday! 

Okay so I think this will still be a Kpop Friday since I have readers in other parts of the world LOL. 

I have been addicted in this song from Japan from an anime that I have been watching with my godbrother LOL. 

He was supposed to be the Japanese Boy here at our house but he got me hooked on this anime because Erio is sooooooo cute! Goodness! I want to have her as my sister! LOL
I have been addicted to denpa onna to seishun otoko or alien girl adolescent cousin in English. I know the title sounds weird but once you see Erio you will also find her soooooo cute I feel like an otaku (Maniac / Fanatic) for her.... O.o

Here is her pictures I got from Google

I heard from my God brother that Erio is actually a Sex Goddess... NOOOOO!!!! she is too cute to be one! T_T

Okay here is the Video of the song I have been addicted to. LSS mode in 




Let me know if this also made you go LSS..because it made me sing it over and over haha! 

Credits to 93gakuen in youtube ^_^

Lets go to the Real Kpop I have been liking this week. 

I have seen this video several times in TVN and I really like how sophisticated it is. 

Basically this is a song about Girls Generation. And you know what is the title? Beautiful Girls. Yes no joke, but what can I say these girls ARE beautiful no doubt about that! 

Check this video out. Credits goes to SM Entertainment in youtube. ^_^

I can't help but also be interested in this girls I just hope they get the chance to visit the Philippines. I have a girl crush on them so don't hate! haha! 

 I hope they would be able to read this... *wishful thinking*

What if I send this to their Youtube Channel? hmmm that got me thinking! LOL just joking! 

I will be featuring some of their looks next time so watch out! ^_^

Well I have to go now its already 1 AM I need to fix my next blog hehe.. 

Much Love! and Have a great weekend! 



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