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Friday, July 29, 2011

Kpop Fridays: I am the Best by 2ne1

Happy Friday! 

I am soooooooo happy today! 

For some reason I feel so giddy today...I dunno why...may be because I got 7 full hours of sleep? haha! Maybe... :D

I know you have seen and heard 2ne1's new song "I am the Best" and I absolutely love it! I haven't posted this last month because I just discovered the song on the first week of July so please forgive me :) 

I especially love the concept that was shown in their teaser poster 

And in the video they have guns which are sooo cool! But in reality be responsible in handling guns okay? 

I've actually shot a video regarding this look. Its like a very very quick have to watch out for that ayt? :) 

Here are some of the looks they had on the video. Credits to for the pictures :) 

I wasn't able to get those of Minzy and CL.. so sowee :( 

I really like their make ups in the video, its so clean and fierce in a way. I especially like the head gear of Dara in the picture about. It looks like she is a electric pole haha LOL 

So what do you think about this looks? Are they cool? too much? or just down right weird? 

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Can't wait to read your responses! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


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