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Monday, August 1, 2011

Katy Perry the New Endorser of the New Proactiv

Adolescence can be a bitch if you ask me. I suffered moderately severe - with pimples and acne that is. I just wished proactiv was already here during that time.

Speaking of Proactive, did you know that Katy Perry is now the new endorser of Proactive? She will be joining other Hollywood celebrities like Mandy Moore, Justin Beiber, and Avril Lavigne.

Me and Katy Perry had the same experience in getting acne - lack of sleep and stress. Staying up late for projects and also stressing about your grades will really break you out. 

In Katy's case its her world tours that made her skin more vulnerable with acne. Acne doesn't rule out anybody, even our favorite stars experience them too.

The new Proactiv is gentler and faster with micro crystal benzoyl peroxide to fight back acne in our face.

Since the new Proactiv contains micro crystal benzoyl peroxide, it works faster because it is easily absorbed to kill acne causing bacteria. The new Proactiv acts faster and also milder.

Want to watch the smurfs the movie for free?

Now Proactiv is giving away free movie passes for the movie THE SMURFS MOVIE in the following stores from July 20-August 10, 2011:

Watsons Mall of Asia (Ground Floor near Starbucks)
SM Department Store Megamall
Watsons Megamall (Second Floor)
SM Department Store North Edsa
SM Department Store (Makati)

You just need to purchase and Proactiv Kit in the mentioned branches. Just approach the official Proactiv Promodiser to redeem your movie pass. This promo is only valid for the first 18 buyers of Proactiv.

Hurry before you missed out on this!

How were you able to handle acne during your adolescence?

Please do comment below for your response.

Much Love!

-- Alice


Issa said... [Reply]

oh, i had a bad case of pimples too during my younger years (especially on the forehead!).... my mom brought me to a dermatologist to get rid of it .... :)

glenn encinares said... [Reply]

Hi Alice to avoid acne or pimples make sure to wash your face after putting make-up (so that it will not clog your pores)If you have oily face (type of skin which is more likely prone to pimples) use product facial wash, toner, cleanser for your skin type. I use ID from VMV Hypoallergenic to fight pimple in just a couple of days my pimples are gone plus no scar.
BTW(by the way) you commented in my Silka Green Papaya Cleanser and you mention you used Eskinol and Ponds what kind of Eskinol did you used?
Oops sorry for the long comment (parang Kris Aquino lang) madaldal talaga ako he!he!he!

Glenn of Gencified

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