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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Human Heart and Ever Bilena Giveaway Prizes Loot! :)

 Ola! As you may know I will be having a giveaway soon so now I will show you the prizes that I will be giving away. 

Let's start with products given to me by Lizzie ( and

These products are from Human Heart Nature. I also indicated the prices in the caption box so if you want to check out their site you'll know how much it'll cost you. 

First is the All natural Feminine wash. This one is the large bottle. 

prized at Php195.00 
Next is the Love Minerals Passionfruit Lipstick in Pink Skies. This has a bit of a shimmer but it is perfect to use for everday make up.

Here is the blush in Tropical Rose, I didn't opened the box since it was sealed. 
Of course there is a foundation to complete the look. This one is in orient pearl which has a bit of a yellow tone when I saw it. This is good for morena skin too. 

here is the All natural Deodorant. As I check in the website it says that it will reduce darkness in the underarms. It kind of reminds me of the one from Rexona, but this is much different since this is made with no harmful chemicals for our skin. 

Next is the bug spray which I think is great since some bug repellant lotions tend to be too greasy for our skin.

Last in our Human Heart Loot is a day and night moisturizer. 
Php124.75 each 
Human Heart Nature is a Philippine-based company that makes good-quality materials without the harmful chemicals that will ruin our skin. I'm actually planning on visiting their store since its near my house one of these days. ^_^

Here are some of the prizes I'll be giving away from my Ever Bilena Beauty Loot and some items from my personal collection. 

I also got some goodies from Lizzie! Thanks girl! :) 
Lip Balm priced at Php49.75 not sure for the small feminine wash
Here are the notes she gave me with the prizes. :) 

Again thank you so much Lizzie for the prizes! 

If you want to be one of my sponsors for this giveaway simply send me an email to

Much Love!

-- Alice


Aya said... [Reply]

The HHN lippy looks nice! :)

Ian J said... [Reply]

Hey Alex,

I'm so excited for your give-away! Count me in to join. I would love to get that pink lippie, for the nude shade that I'm always aiming for. I hope that the color compliments me, I've been dying to do the smokey eye with nude lips! Specially for the upcoming cosplay mania which I'm aiming to join. Goodluck!

Photoescape said... [Reply]

I agree! Its like a version of mauvey but with a bit of gloss :)

SunnyToast said... [Reply]

Goodluck with your giveaways!

Happy blogging:)

Issa said... [Reply]

this is exciting alice! can't wait! :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ sunny -- thanks girl! :)

@ issa -- thanks from dropping by girl! :)

Belle said... [Reply]

Your prizes sure looks lovely sis, I'd love to join. esp the lippie from HHN.. who would resist that.. seems like a perfect mlbb for me. :)

and that red from EB, i love papansin reds. :) i'm actually into bright lips these days

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@Belle Thanks for dropping by! me too! OMG the color of the lippie from HHN is just to die for...I'm also into bright lips this past few weeks...I have been loving EB matte lipstick in Love that red and pink flame for some reason. :) watch out for the giveaway and please do drop by my facebook page (alice of photoescape06) Much Love!

Belle said... [Reply]

I wanna get Love that Red from EB too.. i have mauvey, sienna, and pink flame and i love them all :)

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