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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HIV and reproductive health awareness for the youth

I saw online the news about a 12 year old girl that has been infected with the HIV virus. 

I honestly feel bad about this since she is only 12 years old. During that age, I was still interested in playing dolls and guns, yes I do play girly games and guy games. I was no ordinary girl. 

According to the report, she got the infection through intercourse which dismayed me so much because I didn't know that even younger girls are THAT curious about sex at a young age. I just wish that she was educated much earlier. 

I know there had been this issue about the Reproductive Health Bill and how immoral it is. The Reproductive Health bill for my opinion is there to educate and to practice our right to choose. It is not to kill a child but rather help us know what we can do to keep ourselves away from not just getting pregnant but also to not get infected by sexually transmitted diseases. 

I heard on a mass last Sunday that on the Reproductive Bill that requires only females to go through tubal ligation and such. I don't believe in that since when I went to the hospital the last time, there were doctors that advise the husbands to use a condom or get a vasectomy. 

I am not against the church or anything, but I just think that because of all the drama that is happening in the senate, some priests try to talk people into siding with the church than rather giving them the freedom to choose who they want to believe. 

Sex Education was not really tackled in my school when I was in High school since I was studying in a christian school. But we were educated about freedom of choice and such. And I do believe that with proper knowledge, young people much like myself would know what to do. 

I do hope that Sex Education in the Philippines won't be disregarded because of our morals. Morals won't protect us from AIDS, but knowledge about it will prevent us from contracting it. 

Think about it. 

--- Alice


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