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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FXCK SWAG TOUR: Meet the Manila Boize

Do you like Hip hop with pinoy flavor? You’ll sure love Manila Boize.

Manila Boize is a Filipino rap group, with its members from Norway, London & Germany.  This group has given Pinoy Rap a whole new color that everyone will surely like.  Manila Boize is composed of Kid Cras, Mooniz and Yellow Kid.

One of its members, Kid Cras is actually the founder of Flipcore clothing, a known producer of chains and merchandise.  Flipcore clothing is a vision he had for a clothing line that had a different style from what we are used to. The name Flipcore means Filipino to the core. From the name itself no doubt he is proud of being a Filipino- inside and out.

Born in London but raised, at age 15 he started rapping. Some of his inspirations are Nas, Big L, and A Tribe Called Quest and Pharcyde. He also posts videos since 2007 and had gained good feedback and thousands of views. Its no “Friday song” I would tell you that. J
As a solo artist, he had released 2 mix tapes, “Time for a Summer Vacation” in 2006 and “Time for Another ” in 2007.

Christian Muñiz, or Mooniz, a full blooded Filipino, born and raised in Germany is a Trilingual (German, English and Tagalog) rapper, Songwriter, and Entertainer. Starting in the underground circuit with the rap crew TAC and of Do’n’Moon, he never had the intent into making his music abilities shine to represent the Philippines.

His career went on high as he teamed up with two other Pinoy rappers to form the Filipino rap-group P-collabroz back in 2007. They were also produces by another Filipino- producer Wizdom Beatz. Although they rap in the German language, they have released a popular Asian rap song called Philippines MVPs or The Pinoy anthem.

Last but not the least, Kristian Aguja or Yellow kid as he is known is one of the most “experienced ” as we can say. He started as early as 2002 on “Yahoo’s Rappers Delight”. In 2004 he formed “Pinoy Glockz Productions with Jay-Time, in which he had some buzz for songs like “Pag Ibig” and “Ikaw at ako” in 2005. In 2007 he also released his first track on “Lirikong Supremo’s vol. 1 – Unang Pahina.”

Then in 2010 they formed the group and entourage Manila Boize. The main goal of their group is to make an impact to people in the biggest way possible.

Cool to think that these guys are making a mark in the European music scene for all the Filipinos. Last Friday I was able to attend the event. It actually started around 12:45pm with an opening act from a dance group. So sorry I forgot their nameL. They actually performed some of their songs for the crowd. And I with my memory loss forgot the titles of the songs (sorry guys!) But they are great performers, I am really impressed.

Although the one I invited to join me at the event wasn't able to come. And yes I am still upset for what he did I was still able to enjoy the event with cool music and a great crowd from Dolce Superclub. Sorry I wasn't able to post pictures since my camera gave me a lot of smokey and blurred shots.

Thank you so much Anika for inviting me. I had to leave early unfortunately because I had earlier appointments to attend to. But next time I will surely stick around! :)
If you want to check these great guys you can go to their Official Video Page and Official Music Page for more info.  They are also having a tour called FXCK SWAG the tour. Over 300 mixtapes are being given away during this event so be sure to catch them live!

Here are the list of confirmed dates and venues
July 8th Dolce in Tomas Morato / FRI
July 9th Circa in Eastwood City, Libis / SAT
July 13th Guilly's Island in Tomas Morato / WED
July 15th Battle of the Beats, Teatrino GH / FRI
July 16th Eivissa in Tomas Morato / SAT
July 19th Lime Gee's Birthday Bash
July 20th Manor in Eastwood City, Libis / WED

I wasn’t able to get a mixtape since I left early last Friday. But I’ll be sure to catch their other performancesJ.
Be sure to also visit Manila Boize individual pages YELLOW KID (Norway) KID CRAS (London) MOONIZ (Germany)

Much Love! 

-- Alice 


Riza said... [Reply]

Was it just recently??? Yaiks!! I forgot!!!

Photoescape said... [Reply]

yah.,.... nag sign up ka ba? one time nga join force tayo for this event! :)

Riza Written said... [Reply]

haha! sure! i honestly forgot and i didn't even configure my phone's calendar para me alarm. haist!

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