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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beauty Tips when travelling.

When I went on a trip with my friends a few years ago. I only bought necessary things with me like soap, facial wash and stuff. 

On the other hand my friend almost bought her whole make up collection with her. Honestly, I was kind of glad she did that because we were still able to fix ourselves but then again too much of anything would be bad for us.

So this is some tips you can do to lighten your baggage and not worry if you still look okay.

1.       Skip foundation.

When you are on a trip you don’t need to bring foundation since that there will be times that you are always outside sweating under the sun. You can just use a tinted moisturizer or BB cream for a sheer coverage. Also I suggest to also skip on the concealer since tinted moisturizer and BB creams can cover them up.

2.       SFP is a MUST.

Protect yourself against the sun. Bring some spf lotion with you so that you can re-apply when needed.  I know having a tan is great, but seeing your skin age faster while being under the sun is a harsh thing to think about so SPF is key.

3.       Bring double purpose products.

To lighten the load bring products that you can use in two or more ways.  I actually use my blush as my eyeshadow sometimes. You can also be creative if you have limited items with you.

4.       Blot out the oil.

Don’t forget to bring your trusted oil blotting sheets. Especially when it is really humid our skin tends to be oily. Having a pack or two of oil blotting sheets would be your life saver instead of patting powder which will make you look cakey.

5.       Hydrate yourself.

Yes ladies water is the best key to be great under the sun and on the go. Always carry around a bottle of tumbler of water with you to keep you hydrated.

6.       Bring some shades.

Sunglasses would help you see better since when under the sun you tend to squint your eyes. I remember that Rachel Zoe said that she has 2 pairs of sunglasses with her always.Also bring a hat with you to protect your face.

I hope this tips will help you with your travels ahead. If you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to email me at

Till the next post! Much love!



Issa said... [Reply]

great tips alice! very helpful! a lip and cheek stain is handy during travel! :)

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