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Sunday, July 31, 2011

An Afternoon with Glambox, Askmewhats, and Beautynomics (caution a bit photo-heavy)

Ola! How are you ladies? 
Even though the rain has been pounding here in Manila that didn't stopped me from going to the Glambox event yesterday. 
If all of you are followers of Nikki (of Askmewhats) and Sophie (of Beautynomics), you'd probably know that they had this event on their pages a couple of weeks ago. Luckily I was invited by Glambox ^_^
borrowed from Glambox's fanpage ^_^
I arrived at the event at around 12:55pm, just in time. The call time was 1:00pm so I just arrived in time. 

But the event started at around 2pm. There were food at the event. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a picture of it (out of shyness? well not really)

At the start of the event

 At the start of the event Nikki was the one talking about Skin Care and also foundation application with the Glambox kit. She also taught us how to choose the right foundation. If you are acidic always remember to choose a color that is 2 shades lighter than your skin tone! :)

Nikki poses for the camera
 At the start of the event, Nikki posed for the cameras, it was funny a bit but you can't help posing with a bunch of cameras in front of you. hehe! 

So Nikki started with saying that in applying make up the first thing to know is to have a good skin care. Also having clean brushes would also help you in better application of the products. 

If you see in the picture below, Nikki is teaching us techniques in applying airbrush make up. 

One tip I remember is to not place the gun too close to the face and also apply in circular motions. 
Also test the product in your hand or on a piece of tissue if the color of your foundation is your color.

Glambox is an airbrush make up kit. I'll tell you more about this later on. 

One thing Nikki stated that there are 2 types of air brush make up: Silicon-based and also water-based.

The difference between the two? Silicon-based is easier to use that water, and water-based is much heavier than silicon-based. With Glambox they have a majority of Silicon-based material.

how to practice applying airbrush make up in a tissue.

Also with airbrush foundation, it will give you a flawless, dewy finish. Real cool right? ^_^

At the end of the first part of the session, There was a game from the sponsor of the event, which was lay bare waxing salon. I actually won a prize, an umbrella ^_^ 

writing material and PR kit ^_^

Its now Sophie's turn! hihi! for some reason I find Sophie very amazing because she looks so good! ^_^

Starting of the lesson ^_^
 Sophie talked about contouring, blush application and also eye shadow application.

You may get amazed by what air brush make up can do for you. 

 On to the eye shadow application. Usually the colors you can use for this is neutrals, but if want some color you can add mineral e/s, some thinner and airbrush foundation. One thing though in using mineral e/s is to check if they have micro specs, sorry for the term hihi! But if they don't it might damage the product. 

Sophie and Nikki actually became artists/scientist mixing up the eye shadow which is kind of cool.  

If you are wondering about Glambox, they are an upcoming airbrush company here in the Philippines. From my personal experience, Airbrush make up is good because it is light weight and not much hassle than traditional make up. One downside is that I wouldn't prefer this for everyday since the materials are a bit expensive. 

I would like to thank Glambox, Nikki and Sophie for the wonderful afternoon! ^_^
I was also able to meet new friends like Rhea, Dea, Nabs and of course the lovely Marge...ugh she told me stories about her trip in SG before the event started and it made me swear I should have went there too! T_T haha! 

Please do visit their blogs
Nikki of askmewhats --
Sophie of Beautynomics --

and of course like Glambox's Fanpage! 

Again thank you so much Nikki, Sophie and Glambox Airbrush Cosmetics in inviting me into this event.

I really had fun ^_^

Much Love! 

-- Alice


Issa said... [Reply]

wow, fun event! thanks for sharing your experience! :)

Kate said... [Reply]

finally got to visit your blog!will visit this regularly.:)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@issa -- it was really a fun event can't wait for the next one! :)

@kate -- Thank you so much in visiting my page! ^_^

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