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Sunday, July 31, 2011

An Afternoon with Glambox, Askmewhats, and Beautynomics (caution a bit photo-heavy)

Ola! How are you ladies? 
Even though the rain has been pounding here in Manila that didn't stopped me from going to the Glambox event yesterday. 
If all of you are followers of Nikki (of Askmewhats) and Sophie (of Beautynomics), you'd probably know that they had this event on their pages a couple of weeks ago. Luckily I was invited by Glambox ^_^
borrowed from Glambox's fanpage ^_^
I arrived at the event at around 12:55pm, just in time. The call time was 1:00pm so I just arrived in time. 

But the event started at around 2pm. There were food at the event. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a picture of it (out of shyness? well not really)

At the start of the event

 At the start of the event Nikki was the one talking about Skin Care and also foundation application with the Glambox kit. She also taught us how to choose the right foundation. If you are acidic always remember to choose a color that is 2 shades lighter than your skin tone! :)

Nikki poses for the camera
 At the start of the event, Nikki posed for the cameras, it was funny a bit but you can't help posing with a bunch of cameras in front of you. hehe! 

So Nikki started with saying that in applying make up the first thing to know is to have a good skin care. Also having clean brushes would also help you in better application of the products. 

If you see in the picture below, Nikki is teaching us techniques in applying airbrush make up. 

One tip I remember is to not place the gun too close to the face and also apply in circular motions. 
Also test the product in your hand or on a piece of tissue if the color of your foundation is your color.

Glambox is an airbrush make up kit. I'll tell you more about this later on. 

One thing Nikki stated that there are 2 types of air brush make up: Silicon-based and also water-based.

The difference between the two? Silicon-based is easier to use that water, and water-based is much heavier than silicon-based. With Glambox they have a majority of Silicon-based material.

how to practice applying airbrush make up in a tissue.

Also with airbrush foundation, it will give you a flawless, dewy finish. Real cool right? ^_^

At the end of the first part of the session, There was a game from the sponsor of the event, which was lay bare waxing salon. I actually won a prize, an umbrella ^_^ 

writing material and PR kit ^_^

Its now Sophie's turn! hihi! for some reason I find Sophie very amazing because she looks so good! ^_^

Starting of the lesson ^_^
 Sophie talked about contouring, blush application and also eye shadow application.

You may get amazed by what air brush make up can do for you. 

 On to the eye shadow application. Usually the colors you can use for this is neutrals, but if want some color you can add mineral e/s, some thinner and airbrush foundation. One thing though in using mineral e/s is to check if they have micro specs, sorry for the term hihi! But if they don't it might damage the product. 

Sophie and Nikki actually became artists/scientist mixing up the eye shadow which is kind of cool.  

If you are wondering about Glambox, they are an upcoming airbrush company here in the Philippines. From my personal experience, Airbrush make up is good because it is light weight and not much hassle than traditional make up. One downside is that I wouldn't prefer this for everyday since the materials are a bit expensive. 

I would like to thank Glambox, Nikki and Sophie for the wonderful afternoon! ^_^
I was also able to meet new friends like Rhea, Dea, Nabs and of course the lovely Marge...ugh she told me stories about her trip in SG before the event started and it made me swear I should have went there too! T_T haha! 

Please do visit their blogs
Nikki of askmewhats --
Sophie of Beautynomics --

and of course like Glambox's Fanpage! 

Again thank you so much Nikki, Sophie and Glambox Airbrush Cosmetics in inviting me into this event.

I really had fun ^_^

Much Love! 

-- Alice

Photoescape Covers: A Compilation of my covers

Please let me know what you think and if you have any requests don't hesitate to ask! 



Much Love! 

-- Alice

Friday, July 29, 2011

Permit for a giveaway?? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!

An article has been released stating that if a blogger is going to have a giveaway / contest you have to get a permit from DTI. 

If you want to see the article you can go here. 

Do you want to know what I think about this? 

seriously, paying for a permit to giveaway stuff for free?? 
I know and understand that they are just protecting the consumers. Protecting them from what? from a free sigma brush? HA!

I am really irritated with this because not all of us are getting paid to blog. I for one don't even generate a sufficient income with my blog. I blog because I love sharing information that I have gathered. 

I also don't ask for donations or anything in return when I do reviews. I also PURCHASE what I review mind you. 

This idea is simply giving me a headache because I am going to have my VERY first giveaway yet I am not gonna giveaway the prizes because of this information? ARE YOU SERIOUS??!?!

There is no way I am keeping the items that was given to me. 
I will still hold the giveaway and nothing will stop that. 


Please do comment below what you think about this issue too. 

-- Alice

Kpop Fridays: I am the Best by 2ne1

Happy Friday! 

I am soooooooo happy today! 

For some reason I feel so giddy today...I dunno why...may be because I got 7 full hours of sleep? haha! Maybe... :D

I know you have seen and heard 2ne1's new song "I am the Best" and I absolutely love it! I haven't posted this last month because I just discovered the song on the first week of July so please forgive me :) 

I especially love the concept that was shown in their teaser poster 

And in the video they have guns which are sooo cool! But in reality be responsible in handling guns okay? 

I've actually shot a video regarding this look. Its like a very very quick have to watch out for that ayt? :) 

Here are some of the looks they had on the video. Credits to for the pictures :) 

I wasn't able to get those of Minzy and CL.. so sowee :( 

I really like their make ups in the video, its so clean and fierce in a way. I especially like the head gear of Dara in the picture about. It looks like she is a electric pole haha LOL 

So what do you think about this looks? Are they cool? too much? or just down right weird? 

Post your comments below and don't forget to 

Subscribe to my blog, Youtube, and twitter
and also comment! 

Can't wait to read your responses! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Product Review: Clinique Derma Brightening cream

Ola! This is my review of the Clinique Derma whitening cream.]

This was given to me as a freebie from the Clinique party. 

If you like to check that out click here.

One of my main concerns is my acne marks. You may not see it in my pictures or videos but I have a lot especially on my jaw line. 

Back then I had moderately severe acne which left scars in my jaw line.  The cream I got was actually intended for dry skin or for type 1 and 2 skin according to their chart. I was advised to only use this at night since being exposed to sun with the cream on will make my skin really sensitive.

Lets go to the Pro’s and Con’s shall we?

What I love about the product:
--Did not break me out. Which is a good thing ^_^
--Does not have an icky scent. 
--Leaves my skin moisturized. 
--It did decreased my acne marks. 
--and lightened my skin, but not in a pale, vampire-ish way. 

What I did not like about the product:
-- Its in a tub packaging. It’s a bit unhygienic in a way because I have to scoop with my fingers to get the product.
--It’s a bit pricey. Since I only got a sample it was a good thing, when I searched online for the full price, it said that it costs around 2,050 php in a 30ml packaging. I literally dropped my jaws when I saw that. But for now I have to just be content with this tiny sample.

Some tips:
If you have type 3 skin (oily-combination skin) do opt for a gel type of moisturizer since it will be easily absorbed by out skin.

Always have a skin test before getting the product. Its best to know if the product is fit for your skin.

The verdict:
It’s a thumbs up for this product since I like the result it gave. The price is a bit of a shocker for me, but since it’s a great product you can let it go. I will definitely put this in my Must Have’s on my Christmas gift list haha! Kuya you know what to buy me ah! If you don’t want to buy me a Digital Camera, a tub of this would be good! LOL

Hope you like my review of the moment! 

Here is the video version :) 

If you have any products you want me to try please don’t hesitate to drop me a message.
Also follow me on my Facebook page and twitter so we can also talk. I am very friendly I promise J

Much Love!


NOTD: Ladybug nails

Hey! So glad you dropped by! 

I have been interested in nail art for some time now but I can't seem to think of a good design. Of course being the nerd that I really am I checked out designs online. I found some really good ones but it made me question my creativity. 

For a girl who has a lot to say, when it comes in sketching or drawing I am a big epic failure in that area. But then I gave it a shot for once. 

This is the simplest design I was able to come up with at the moment. Since I bought 2 nail polishes which is in red and black, I decided to use them instead. :) 

I initially wanted to have a watermelon design because I like watermelon but the more I look at it it looks like a lady bug for some reason. Maybe because I didn't added a green at the sides? I dunno haha! 

This was another first for me. And a start of many more "firsts" in my blog. 

If you have any request - either for make up looks or nail art please don't hesitate to message me or comment below. 

Also please like my Facebook Page Alice of Photoescape06 and Follow me on Twitter ytphotoescape

You can talk to me there and ask me anything! I might even feature it on my page 

Here's a last look on my very FIRST! nail art...

Much Love! 

-- Alice 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rain Rain please go away

I love the rain when I am at home. When I'm outside, That's a different story. 

I just hate the fact that when it seems everyone is so dang tired and lazy to move - Even jeepney drivers. I was really cussing when I waited for like 20 minutes to get a ride. I promise this is not going to be a rant about laziness.

So yeah I was really cussing because in that 20 minutes half of my body is already wet. Its not only rainy but also windy. 

This is my only plea to Juaning, Please go away. I don't like you so just go away. 

I was able to get to work in one piece and not get late. the only thing I am really concerned now is to not get sleepy. I usually get very sleepy when it is raining, and also very forgetful for some reason! LOL 

I'm just really thankful because I don't really have a lot of classes so I can do a lot of research and marketing stuff. 

By the way the giveaway video will be posted soon so always check my blog, Facebook page and also twitter for more updates ayt? 

I gotta go I have a class in like 20 minutes so I have to psyche myself to be cheerful...NOT! LOL 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Can You survive a day without ANY make up???


How has your Tuesday been? 
Mine is rainy with some thunder. But it was better that way. I feel under the weather nowadays that I think not wearing ANY make up is good for me. 

That is actually my question for you girls today, can you last a day without ANY make up? Even oil blotting sheets or powder for oily girls like me...will you be able to stand it? 
Let me know what you think on the comment box below ^_^

Here are some pictures that I took today and let me know what you think ^_^

Much Love! 

-- Alice

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mercury Drug Haul

Ola! Sorry for being off the loop for a couple of days I have been quite busy with work and my business. 

I'll tell you more about those later on. 

I went to Mercury Drug yesterday because I have been meaning to buy some stuff for my brushes and stuff that I haven't bought for a while.

And I also bought this nail polish which is so cute! 

pictures will be out shortly. 

Please watch the video! :) 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to message me or comment below. 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Asian pose overload! :))

 Ola! I actually don't have anything to post for today and I am very much bored here at work so I took some shots in my computer. 

Tell me what is your favorite pose? 

call me!

teary eyed



nyan nyan (neko pose)

gotcha! :)

I don't know


YOU! :))

punch! ouch hehe





Question of the day:

Have you done an Asian pose in a picture? What Asian pose is your favorite.

Tell me your answers at the comment box below and I'll talk to you soon okay? 

Much Love! 

-- Alice

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beauty Tips when travelling.

When I went on a trip with my friends a few years ago. I only bought necessary things with me like soap, facial wash and stuff. 

On the other hand my friend almost bought her whole make up collection with her. Honestly, I was kind of glad she did that because we were still able to fix ourselves but then again too much of anything would be bad for us.

So this is some tips you can do to lighten your baggage and not worry if you still look okay.

1.       Skip foundation.

When you are on a trip you don’t need to bring foundation since that there will be times that you are always outside sweating under the sun. You can just use a tinted moisturizer or BB cream for a sheer coverage. Also I suggest to also skip on the concealer since tinted moisturizer and BB creams can cover them up.

2.       SFP is a MUST.

Protect yourself against the sun. Bring some spf lotion with you so that you can re-apply when needed.  I know having a tan is great, but seeing your skin age faster while being under the sun is a harsh thing to think about so SPF is key.

3.       Bring double purpose products.

To lighten the load bring products that you can use in two or more ways.  I actually use my blush as my eyeshadow sometimes. You can also be creative if you have limited items with you.

4.       Blot out the oil.

Don’t forget to bring your trusted oil blotting sheets. Especially when it is really humid our skin tends to be oily. Having a pack or two of oil blotting sheets would be your life saver instead of patting powder which will make you look cakey.

5.       Hydrate yourself.

Yes ladies water is the best key to be great under the sun and on the go. Always carry around a bottle of tumbler of water with you to keep you hydrated.

6.       Bring some shades.

Sunglasses would help you see better since when under the sun you tend to squint your eyes. I remember that Rachel Zoe said that she has 2 pairs of sunglasses with her always.Also bring a hat with you to protect your face.

I hope this tips will help you with your travels ahead. If you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to email me at

Till the next post! Much love!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HIV and reproductive health awareness for the youth

I saw online the news about a 12 year old girl that has been infected with the HIV virus. 

I honestly feel bad about this since she is only 12 years old. During that age, I was still interested in playing dolls and guns, yes I do play girly games and guy games. I was no ordinary girl. 

According to the report, she got the infection through intercourse which dismayed me so much because I didn't know that even younger girls are THAT curious about sex at a young age. I just wish that she was educated much earlier. 

I know there had been this issue about the Reproductive Health Bill and how immoral it is. The Reproductive Health bill for my opinion is there to educate and to practice our right to choose. It is not to kill a child but rather help us know what we can do to keep ourselves away from not just getting pregnant but also to not get infected by sexually transmitted diseases. 

I heard on a mass last Sunday that on the Reproductive Bill that requires only females to go through tubal ligation and such. I don't believe in that since when I went to the hospital the last time, there were doctors that advise the husbands to use a condom or get a vasectomy. 

I am not against the church or anything, but I just think that because of all the drama that is happening in the senate, some priests try to talk people into siding with the church than rather giving them the freedom to choose who they want to believe. 

Sex Education was not really tackled in my school when I was in High school since I was studying in a christian school. But we were educated about freedom of choice and such. And I do believe that with proper knowledge, young people much like myself would know what to do. 

I do hope that Sex Education in the Philippines won't be disregarded because of our morals. Morals won't protect us from AIDS, but knowledge about it will prevent us from contracting it. 

Think about it. 

--- Alice

FOTD: getting cheeky

Ola! How have you girls been? 

I would just like to thank you all for supporting my blog and watch out for my upcoming giveaway.

Yes! A giveaway! yey! I'll be posting the details soon so don't worry. 

Let's get started with the FOTD ok? 

So for today I actually wore a dress to work. And since I don't really like dress up for work my co-workers were a bit surprised since I was courageous enough for that. That is why the FOTD's name is getting cheeky.

Its basically because I get cheeky when I dress up. I RARELY do this. I'll show you the picture of the dress next time though, I forgot my camera at home and my camera at the office won't be able to show the whole dress. 

Products used: 
Jordache Palette
Ever Bilena Advance Concealer in light vanilla
Ever Bilena Cheek Blush in Cheek
Avon Simply Pretty Shine no more pressed powder in Soft Bisque
Maybelline NY moisture extreme lipstick in windsor rose
Human Heart Nature in Peppermint 

Now for the Poses of the day! 

 I look so weird its so funny! LOL 

Much Love! 

-- Alice 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Movie Night: Twilight and My Sister's Keeper

For some reason on Sundays I would sit in front of the television and just watch anything available. Even if the movie is seriously ridiculous in its plot or its something great. 

And this Sunday was no ordinary one since I was able to watch 4 great films. I first watched Twilight in ABS-CBN then My Sister's Keeper in HBO. Both movies are great for their respective genre. The other 2 films are italian films sorry wasn't able to know their titles. :) 

Both movies were based from novels, which I would like to recommend to read the book first before watching these films. 

Let's begin with Twilight since its been my favorite when it was first released. Basically it is about the love of a vampire and a human. As I watched the movie again I realized that some parts of the film was dull but nonetheless the movie is still worth watching. 

Just think of this - your perfect guy is a vampire. He would basically go through heaven and earth to protect you since you are his world now...isn't that just romantic? well for some yes, but not all guys are like that nowadays. And basically vampires don't exist and if they are well that means everything IS possible.  This film made me think that there is a thing called true love and even if struggles are there love will always keep you together. 

The second film is about a girl who sues her parents for medical emancipation when they expect her to donate her kidney to her sister who is dying from leukemia. This is a tear-jerky film since it tackles a lot about families and their struggles. This film made me realize that life is so precious and we all have a chance to enjoy it. 

Both films are great to watch on a Sunday night which is a good thing. I was actually thinking of doing a movie marathon last night of all the Korean movies I've bought,but I'll just watch those next time. 

Question of the day: What was the last movie you last watched that made you realized a good thing about life?  

Much Love! 
-- Alice 

NOTE: Pictures were taken from

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