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Thursday, June 2, 2011

WWIY?!?! Where was I yesterday ^_^

Ola ladies! I'm back! Thank God for excess days! :D 

Since I work for a Korean English School, we have days called "excess days", in which we are given at least 2 days off from work. And we get paid pa rin! wahaha! 
Yesterday was one of those days and boy was I glad! 

I was a bit scared though because I just got  my pay and I am not interested in shopping for new clothes since I have more than I needed..wanna see my closet to prove it? haha!

So yesterday I went out to run some errands. First I went to Baclaran to pay for some of my pawned jewelry. Yes I have some of my jewelry pawned since I need it for our house. Di ako mayaman day! haha

After that I attended mass in Baclaran church. The last time I attended mass there was like a year ago which made me look back what I was before. I wasn't able to finish the mass since the mass was already in the middle of the novena. I also didn't bring my prayer book which was a bummer. 

Attending mass in Baclaran is actually my mom's thing. She is a devotee of the Our Mother of Perpetual Help. I still remember when I was younger, My family and I would attend the evening mass on Wednesdays. That was what we were back then, its a bit different now because my older brother and I have work. We can't really attend the evening mass anymore :(

After attending mass, I suddenly felt hungry. Was it because it was hot outside? maybe..who knows right? :D 

I went on a little shopping on watson's for some.... tissue! hehe

Since I was doing a lot later that night, I grabbed a quick bite at McDonald's. I ordered 1 large french fries and also a monster float. I know it looks like I'm binging but I'm not. After finishing my monster float I went to cubao to meet up with my friends. 

After that we went to Antipolo to celebrate a salubong party. A salubong party is basically a pre-party for your birthday. So the birthday girl decided that we celebrate her salubong party at Cloud 9 Hotel and Resort. 

Upon getting there, I was a bit curious what it looks like since I haven't been there before. One thing I know about it is has an awesome over looking view of Manila.
If you want to go there all you have to do is ride a jeep going to Antipolo Via Sumulong Highway and tell the driver to drop you off to Cloud 9. They know the place so don't worry :D 

During the ride, me and my office mates are being our usual goofballs and we are a little loud, I kinda got conscious, but realizing that almost half of the passengers are asleep made me not care anymore LOL. We totally looked like tourist eager to get to our destination because we looked so excited. It was really funny. When we arrived there I was shocked to see that we have to climb our way up to the deck. The entrance was steep, you have to be careful climbing it, especially when you are wearing heels - like I did.
can you see it?

When we got there I was like OMG the climb was totally worth it. The view was so awesome! my legs were shaking but it was okay. Too bad I don't have pictures to prove it because my camera sucked when there is not much light, maybe next time I'll go back to take some pictures. 

We also got started with eating since we got hungry too. But there was this guard that keeps on calling us saying that we have to go upstairs to eat. I was not a happy camper when he said that. I climbed a steep driveway with an inch and a half pair of heels and you still expect me to climb a flight of stairs?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  I was totally pissed at this guard but since I am far too tired we just went there to stop his mouth.

When we got there, there was a better view but not as great as the one we saw down stairs. We were like in a freakin' bistro! and you have to pay for the table beside the veranda for a better view. Goodness! we just settled in and got ourselves ready to eat. 

The birthday girl is waiting! :D

We also played some games and had lots of fun.

Over all it was a good day. A bit tiring because I had heels on, but nonetheless a good day to end with. 
This will actually be part of my travel blog. You can check that out too. 

Hope you like this post! 
See ya at the next post!

Much Love! 

-- Alice


Issa said... [Reply]

can't wait to see the photos girl! :D

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