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Friday, June 17, 2011

Product Review: Neutrogena anti acne facial soap.

This product review is about the Neutrogena Anti acne facial bar.

This product literally saved me from pre-adolescent acne. During my High school years I had that wicked battle with acne. During my Freshman year was I think the worst. I don’t have pictures to show since I was so conscious of what I look like back then.

During High School most of my acne was in my cheeks, chin and jaw line area. I was so conscious that I always wear my hair down and my self esteem was at its worst.

My mom initially bought me this because she saw how I don’t like to socialize anymore during parties she would host. I would usually be the center of attention because of my singing abilities I.E. I was the Entertainment committee during the party.Weird right? haha!

I am so thankful my mom bought me this! She really knows the best! ^_^

My initial reaction was it was drying on my skin, I realized that it dried my skin because of the acne I had. Other from that there were no other things I was bothered about. 

Let’s start with the review shall we?

-          Effects can be seen after a week of usage.
-          Dried my acne
-          Has a mild scent.
-          Very cheap! 99 php  (approx 2.28 USD)
-          The bar can last up to 3 months of usage.

It dried my skin on the first week but my skin got better after that. Besides from that I don’t have any reasons to not like it!

My verdict:
I like it! It’s effective in eliminating acne. This is best to be paired with St. Ives Apricot scrub and a mild moisturizer. 

Will I repurchase? Of course! Why wouldn’t I? I absolutely love this product! 

Any acne products you recommend?

Much Love!


The Beauty-Addict said... [Reply]

i really dont use soap on my face since it made skin really dry but good thing that it works well for you! ;)

Marge said... [Reply]

uyyys, neutrogena, i've always loved their products from their shampoo/conditioner way back when it was still being sold here to their sun screens. glad this one works for you ;-)

swexie said... [Reply]

i used this back when I was in college and was super pimplish! hehe! but this bar of soap doesn't last for 3 months to me as this easily dissolves in water (because of its easy rinse feature)... yes, it was drying and it did not help that i wasn't using moisturizer that time (i was a teenager and didn't care much about skin care then)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ the beauty addict -- thanks! I also had doubts about it at first ^^

@ Marge -- thanks dear! ^_^

@ swexie -- I think to make it last longer you have to put it in a soap case ^_^ thanks so much for dropping by ^_^

SunnyToast said... [Reply]

I'm user of this soap and it really works:) nice to knw that we both used the same brand:)

ashley said... [Reply]

my fiance introduce this one for me when im really having an acne and it did work for me... i love it im a neutrogena fan!!! glad it work for you too

Deborah Campbell said... [Reply]

#ablackbahamian!!! it gives my skin a glow... when i use it, i always get nice comments about my face.... smooches!

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