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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Product Review: Ever Bilena Advance Shine Free Foundation.

Ola! Happy Tuesday!

I’m back with another product review for you all and this is also from Ever Bilena. I have used Ever Bilena Cosmetics for a long time so I am really impressed with their products.

On today’s review will also be about their foundation which is the Advance Shine Free Foundation.

When I saw this foundation I was intrigued about the shades which are actually darker than my skin tone. I bought one from a sales representative on their direct sales for around 130++ I forgot the exact price sorry ^_^ .

Honestly, at first I was disappointed because the shade I got looked like its not fit for me, but then when I used it I realized that I got the perfect shade.

Unlike the stick foundation, this one is in liquid form which usually gives a light to medium coverage. I’ve actually used this on some of my FOTD’s and I like its matte finish. I actually like using this because I don’t have to powder afterwards because of its matte finish. It’s also long lasting; this lasted for around 5 hours before I need to retouch my make up.

see how matte it is on my skin

It’s also very hygienic since it comes in a tube form. It does have a bit of a problem because it’s a bit hard to squeeze out the product from the tube. But overall it’s a good deal.

Let’s go to the pro’s and con’s

-  Really Cheap for a good everyday foundation.
-Gives a light to medium coverage.
-Has a matte finish.
-Long lasting.
-  Comes in a tube form which is hygienic

- it’s a bit hard to squeeze out the product.

Over all verdict:

It’s a great buy, Its perfect if you don’t prefer heavy foundation, This  product actually becomes a water-like substance which is easily absorbed by our skin.

Will I repurchase?

I don't see why not haha! But currently I won’t be since I have other foundations to use.

Thank you so much for reading this blog! 

Don’t hesitate to comment below for your comments and suggestions. ^_^

Much Love!



SunnyToast said... [Reply]

Thanks for this review. I only tried their gold eyeshadow and it works great with me:) so I guess I should try this one and the good thing it's cheap:)

Ian J said... [Reply]

Oh My God! You use it too! Visit my blog for my review of the Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation. It's superb!

Love lots<3

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ Ian -- I've seen that post ^_^

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