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Monday, June 6, 2011

Perfect Imperfections Tag

Ola Ladies! Happy Monday! 

I shot a new video on my YT channel and here is my blog version. 

Basically on this tag I have to tell you guys 3 things I don't like about myself, then 3 things I like about myself. And finally an advise to other girls who will watch this this case read this post. 

Let's Begin! :-D

3 Things I don't like about myself. 

1. My double chin. 
Since I gained weight from my previous job, people would notice it with my chin. A few months ago I can still see my jaw line, but now I don't really see it! I just get really frustrated when I see my double chin in front of the mirror. 

2. My Belly Fat. 
This one is a no-brainer. I actually gave it a nickname - Bella Tabella! haha! I kinda have her for some time now. But I am currently in the process of losing her completely 10 points for me! :-D
3. My Dry Feet. 
I dunno why but my feet is so dry, especially my heels. I'm actually gonna go to a doctor for this because I don't know if its gonna get worst. grrr...

Let's move on with the things I Like...

1. My Voice.
I am so happy because even if I am sick I can belt out a great tune. I actually sounded better when I have a cold..haha! but nonetheless I sound good. 

2. My Skin.
I really felt that I didn't have a good skin, but I got my confirmation when a famous blogger commented that my skin is good. I just need a little coverage according to her. I felt great with that actually ^_^

3. My Hair.
I love my hair, it doesn't give me had hair days that much. I also like that I have fine hair which makes it easier to fix when I am in a hurry to go somewhere. The thing that I don't like about my hair now is the length, I really feel bad when I decided to go with a shorter hair cut :(

A little advise for you girls...

Being beautiful doesn't have to do with looking perfect. And also we can make a way to look good. We are made to be beautiful in our own way, not to be like a barbie that may seem perfect but just does one thing - to look good. 

That's my post for the perfect imperfections! if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me on the comment box ok? ^_^

Much Love! 

-- Alice


makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said... [Reply]

I'd rather be smart than just to stand and look good like barbie. I agree, your skin is amazing! :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

Thank you iya! ^_^ I would also prefer to be smart than look good all the time :D thanks for dropping by dear! :)

Issa said... [Reply]

very well said alice! i am feeling down lately and your post just made me feel good about myself...thanks sis! :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

thank you so much for reading my post Issa! And don't feel bad...I always remind myself that life is what it is...we just have to make a way to make it work for us in a good way ^_^ have a great Tuesday! ^_^

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