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Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm on a diet (AGAIN?!?!)

As promised I will tell you why I have not been doing FOTD's for this week. 

For one, it has been raining since Monday which is a total drag if you ask me. I actually don't want to fix myself because its been really windy and I've had some cases where my umbrella would flip because of the strong winds. It would just be a waste of my make up haha! 
Second is because I am on a diet. I just started a 5 day diet in which it consists of drinking shakes and also taking some medication. Since its like a detox of a sort I have started breaking out. 

I wanted to go on a diet again because I have gained a lot of weight and I had been really bothered by it because we have a history of Diabetes in our family. And as they say, if your over weight your immune system will decrease and you'll get sick. 

I wanted to feel better about myself so I am really trying hard to lose the weight. My mom fully supports me on this because she misses my sexy body too.. haha! For real! When I lost a lot of weight before she was so excited to buy me clothes! She's my stylist by the way haha! 

I'll be doing updates about my progress and I hope I also get your support in my fight against the bulge and keep it off.

I'll be buying another copy of Hip Hop Abs because my first one was stolen. tsk! damn kleptomaniacs!  But again I can't do anything about them. Oh well what the -- ^_^

Much Love! 

-- Alice


JesRoque said... [Reply]

Good luck on your diet, Alice! :) Stay healthy!

DeBi said... [Reply]

good luck!

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