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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I won!

For the first time I won something! Haha! It may seem weird but I really feel glad because I didn’t expect to win something from the Facebook Promo of Ever Bilena Cosmetics.

According to the Brand Administrator of Ever Bilena Cosmetics I won a loot bag from Ever Bilena. At first I was like “really?” haha! But then I checked my Facebook thru my phone and it’s true! I won! LOL

I just feel so overjoyed because this is the first time I won something in a long time. ^_^

The mechanics are really simple. You will just share your personal make up tips using your favorite Ever Bilena Make up and get a chance to with a beauty loot bag. The best make up tips will be featured in Ever Bilena’s website and magazine advertorials. They will pick 7 lucky winners every week. There is a total of 28 winners that will also represent Ever Bilena’s 28 Years of providing quality products.

For the last part, I am not sure yet if we will be able to be part of that. But the Brand Administrator said he will contact the winners about claiming the prices.

If it does suffice, OMG freak our mode ito! LOL

But overall I am very happy I won. If you also want to win go to their Facebook page and share your make up tips!
Much Love!


Anonymous said... [Reply]

COngrats Alice! :D

JesRoque said... [Reply]

Wow! Congratulations, dear! :)

DeBi said... [Reply]

congrats dear!

D.Sadie said... [Reply]

Congratulations! =)


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Marge said... [Reply]

uys beh congrats!

Issa said... [Reply]

congrats alice!!! :)

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