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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I finally got the camera! Yey!

Ola! Happy Wednesday! 

What a weird day. When I was on my way to work it was raining, and now that I am here at the office the rain suddenly stopped and its now scorching hot! Goodness! How is your Wednesday so far?

I finally got my camera! I borrowed my Ate Leng’s (my brother's fiance) Sanyo Xacti S4 Digital Camera

Unfortunately this camera doesn’t have any audio so I guess this would be my camera for my looks and when I will make tutorials on my youtube. I am very excited about this because I haven’t shot a video tutorial EVER.

I’ll also be doing some random things in this camera like monitoring my weight loss with pictures and also for events.

Thank you so much Ate Leng for letting me borrow your camera! I promise I will take care of it!

It may seem like I’m so happy to have this camera but I am because this will really help me more in my youtube and also photography stuff. I am currently saving up for a better one of my own so that I can use it whenever I can. ^_^

Wish me luck on this camera! ^_^

Much Love!



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