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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Series: Back to School Tips

Hearing the term "back to school" makes me look back on my younger years. I'm not that old okay? But I just missed how simple I was back then.

What I mean by simple is not really wearing much make up and doesn't have to care about a lot like bills, kids (my nephew and nieces) and earning money for my 3 angels.

*Sigh*  Back then I would just remember what time is my class, not be late for class, do my assignments and of course pass that subject one way or another hehe!

Enough of being nostalgic! Let’s begin with tips to look good on school.

1. Always bring yourself a fan.

Since we live in the Philippines, it is natural that it’s very very hot! So bring a fan. Whether it is a mini electric fan or a hand held fan this will accompany you in beating up the heat in your campus.

During my freshman days, I usually have 1 or 2 in my bag since I lose one very often. And during that time, I suffered a lot since our uniform consists of long sleeve polo and an A-line skirt.

2. Deodorize and bring a back up while you’re at it.

Deodorizing eliminates unwanted scents like of those of vinegar, you don't want to smell like Datu Puti right? Deodorizing also eliminates most of sweat excretion in our pits so no pits stains! Also have a bottle of cologne with you always so you can also smell great even if it is so humid.

3. Oil Blotting sheets are not just for summer!

When it is hot, our skin excretes more oils thus giving our face that "shiny" appearance. Mostly this appears on our T-zone. Having oil blotting sheets will help us reduce the oiliness of our face.

4. Tissue please!

Having a pack of tissue helps you reduce that "sweaty look" from running to not be late for first period. Having one also can help you clean up your make up if you messed up.

5. Smile Smile Smile!

Smiling make us look more approachable. This is definitely a big plus if it’s your first day in school. So smile and let your personality shine! ^_^

School is already starting here in the Philippines, and seeing those college girls makes me feel nostalgic about my college days. But moreover I am happy with what I am right now. Hope that my tips have helped you with your school dilemma.

Tell me you’re most memorable first day of school experience below I would really love to read it!

Here is the video version! my video actually ran out of battery, luckily I was able to shoot till the end. 

Much Love!

-- Alice


DeBi said... [Reply]

nothing beats a pack of tissue to bring along even during rainy season.. :)

great tips you have...

Photoescape said... [Reply]

thank you ^_^

Issa said... [Reply]

great tips Alice! thanks! smile :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

thanks for commenting issa! ^_^ I miss being a student na.. haha

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