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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Estee Lauder Pure Impact Lipstick Launch at Gateway Mall

 This post is so over due please forgive me! Been really busy with work and everything else I wasn't able to update this site.. so sorry. 

Last Saturday (June 18, 2011) I was at Gateway Mall in Cubao to check out their latest lippies which are the Pure Impact lipstick which I think costs about 1,350 PHP (approx 31.12 USD) There are several shades available in which you can choose from. Honestly speaking, the price is kinda steep, but then if you've tried the product you'll see why the price is so steep LOL

The event actually started at 1 pm but I arrived at 3 pm. I arrived that late because I didn't know it was that early, there was no time indicated but it was okay. 

here is the gorgeous Bec ^_^
When I arrived, I met Bec (of mygorgeouspinkcheeks) we were the only ones there at the time so I didn't waste my time to try out the lippies haha! and I got a little make over too ^_^ also from Estee Lauder.

The nice lady from Estee Lauder, actually recommended 2 colors that are fit for me. She recommended Fuschia Fever and Pink Lolita. Both colors are amazing but I think Pink Lolita would be my favorite. Unfortunately Pink Lolita is part of their limited edition. I also picked out a nice nude shade, unfortunately I forgot its name...signs of aging?!? OMG! LOL

One distinct thing I notice about their lipsticks is that its long lasting. I was in gateway from 3pm to 7pm. I've eaten lunch their, had some ice cream and a McDonald's float, and yes it was a monster float LOL. Yet the lipstick did not even fade. 
I'll really save up my money for this one haha ^_^

where's the chocolate? Oh yeah me and my mom ate it ^_^

I also received a cute little charm and a chocolate from Bizu which is inside a clear small box in which I will reuse hehe! 

Thank you so much Estee Lauder in inviting me to their event! 

Visit their Facebook page to check out their latest make up and for more info! 

Much Love

-- Alice 


Marge said... [Reply]

awww nice! thanks for sharing ☺♥

Photoescape said... [Reply]

thanks for dropping by marge!

Liezl said... [Reply]

Nice swatches.

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Issa said... [Reply]

aawww, this is nice! too steep though....

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ Leizl -- Followed you na! ^^

@ Issa -- IKR? but very nice ^_^

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