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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Breaking out is part of the process.

I have acne-prone skin so it’s not an issue when I get break out every now and then.

meet my red little bumps haha! :))

The usual factors of breaking out is basically the food you eat, the place or environment you live in, and also stress factors in our everyday lives.

I live in the city which means that pollution is everywhere.

One of the stress factors in my life right now is my work. I know my job is not that stressful to the least but there are times that you just want to scream when all your students are not in the mood to have lesson.

Eating habits wise is a bit different nowadays since I am on a cleansing week. I have been drinking water. No soda or caffeine and also no junk food. For some reason I also do not have cravings for chocolate, pasta and rice which is kind of nice if you ask me.

I have been breaking out mainly because I am cleansing myself. I have been taking medicine that will take off some excess baggage. I’ll tell you about this after 5 days.

Basically breaking out is part of our lives. During our puberty and adolescence stage we experience this. If not treated immediately it could get worse. I’ve seen what severe acne problems can give you and believe me it’s not going to be a nice trip.  

There are only 3 things I can advice those who have break out now.

1.      Re-evaluate your lifestyle.

Do you sleep late? Do you eat a lot of junk food? Those are some factors that may give you those ugly red bumps in your forehead. Re-evaluating your lifestyle not only will clear up your skin but also you’ll have better health.

2.      Have a skin regimen.

I know this may be hard for those who don’t really like routines, but this will save you. There are only 3 things you need to remember: cleanse, tone, and moisturize. A little exfoliating twice a week won’t hurt to give you a flawless face in the end.

3.      Prevention is better.

Prevention is better than cure according to some doctors so why not prevent those break out before they even get out. How? Water is the answer. I kinda sounded weird when I said that but yes, water will help you. If you want to optimize it you can take supplements like Vitamin E or Vitamin C. Also check with your dermatologist what is good for your skin in terms of creams and cleansers.

I hope this tips will help you fight those pesky break outs.

Much Love!



Marge said... [Reply]

bata ka pa naman ata eh, puberty lasts a very very long time, until all of your systems acclimate to being an adult. i was the same way. late bloomer ka ning ;-) that is a good thing ☺♥
try mo rin yung sa obagi na acne solution na ni-blog ko recently hindi naman sya kamahalan for less than 500 with a shelf life of 2yrs for 50ml with pump bottle specially kung spot treatment lang ;-)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ marge -- I know.. but then again there are other girls out there na mas worst ang case nila.. I've read your post about it and I'm thinking of purchasing one in the future.. My spot treatment pa ako na ginagamit for the meantime ^_^ thanks for checking my blog marge! ^_^

Issa said... [Reply]

skincare is really important! thanks for your tips alice! :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

thanks for reading issa! ^_^

I miss you girls na! gusto ko nasa we meet up kaso I'm packed for June and July :( sa August kaya meet up??? let me know! ^_^

Issa said... [Reply]

wow, i like! kaso i'm also busy with work right now....we'll see... :)

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