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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Versatile Blogger and the Butterfly award ^_^


I'm back with a Tag post ^_^

Unfortunately ladies I don't have an FOTD for today because for some reason my make up bag is missing. I don't even have my lipbalm. I feel so naked haha! Joke! 

So lets get back to business, I was tagged by kingking (of 25,000 megawatt smile) for the Butterfly award and Riza (of for The versatile blogger

Thanks so much girls for giving me these awards. I am really honored because I didn't think my blogs are that extraordinary..wait nga! no drama hahaha

the rules of both awards are simple. 

1. acknowledge the ones that awarded you (DONE)
2. tell 7 things about yourself (On the way)
3. Pass this award 15 other people. and let them know :)

Let's begin with the 7 things about myself

1. I have been struggling with weight ever since I was in High school. Although I feel good in my skin, I want to look better than what I am now.
2. I don't like beer. I've drank beer but I never liked its smell and taste. I just chug it down so I can get over it. 
3. I WAS an emotional eater. That is the reason why I am overweight right now. 
4. I have 3 more siblings from my dad's side. Long story. You don't want to know. It will just confuse you. :))
5. I may be the loudest person you will meet, but deep inside I like to be quite once in a while. This freaks my friends out a lot.
6. I am planning on setting up my own biz but I have to build up my strategy first. 
7. I like to sing off key when I'm not in the mood to sing. LOL

And here are the girls I am awarding both awards. You girls can just choose which one you would like to do ^_^

Much Love! 

-- Alice

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FOTD: FBL look


FLB stands for Foundation, Lipstick, and Blush look. 

I usually sport this look when I don't have a lot of time to think of colors to put in my lids. 

NO! I was not running late for work again. I was just simply not in the mood to think of colors for my lids today haha! 

I'll be doing tagged post by tomorrow so to those who tagged me I will be mentioning you ^_^

Products used: 
Ever Bilena Shine free Foundation.
Maybelline Expertwear Blush in spice safari
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Pink Flame 

Now lets do the Asian picture pose of the day! 

my finger looks really big in this picture which is really funny :))

I should really need to get my brows fixed.. that will be on top of my list next week! haha! 

Much Love! 


Product Review: Avon Simply Pretty Big Eye Pencil

 I’m back with another review. I
t seems I have been doing reviews lately. 
I gotta post them since I’ve made them like 2 weeks ago haha!

I was a busy bee last week so I have a valid excuse! Char! Wahaha!

Okay so for today’s review I will be reviewing Avon’s Big Eye Pencil.

At first look it may look like a crayon, that was what my nephew and niece thought. They actually tried to use it. Thankfully I was able to stop them hehe.

As far as I remember this product came out in their February 2011 issue. 
You can use it in 2 ways:

1. Eyeshadow
2. Eyeliner 

This comes in 3 colors: Rose, Emerald, and a blue one. I actually forgot its name sorry :( . Packaging wise it is very simple, not to flashy but still cute.

I was quite impressed at first because it’s a 2 in 1 product. I actually use it as a base for my eye shadows rather than by itself. I also had some issue with the color since its quite limited. It only has 3 colors while when you look into their international counterpart it has around 6 colors to choose from. Its quite cheap for 139.00 a piece.

I had to apply 3 coats of the pink one so it will stand out.  tsk!

The Pink one (rose) actually doesn’t look like pink at all. When I apply it in my eyes it comes out as white or just its shimmers. But the green one (emerald) is really pigmented. You can really use it on its own as an eyeshadow. Sharpening it is a bit of a problem because since the inside is soft you will worry if it will get ruined during the sharpening process.

Lets go with the Pro’s and Con’s

Can be used as base.
Very cheap

Limited colors
Pink one comes out as white or just shimmers on my lids
Had problems with sharpening the product. Just wish AVON has a speacial sharpener or a trick to sharpen it easily.

Over all Verdict:

It’s a good product, but not a great deal for me at the moment.

Will I repurchase?

No. Although I haven’t tried the blue one, its better for me to pass on this one.

Thank you so much for reading this article that I have for you today!

Have you tried using this product? Or any Avon products that you regret buying? Let me know on the comments box and I’ll see you girl on the next post!

Much love!


I finally got the camera! Yey!

Ola! Happy Wednesday! 

What a weird day. When I was on my way to work it was raining, and now that I am here at the office the rain suddenly stopped and its now scorching hot! Goodness! How is your Wednesday so far?

I finally got my camera! I borrowed my Ate Leng’s (my brother's fiance) Sanyo Xacti S4 Digital Camera

Unfortunately this camera doesn’t have any audio so I guess this would be my camera for my looks and when I will make tutorials on my youtube. I am very excited about this because I haven’t shot a video tutorial EVER.

I’ll also be doing some random things in this camera like monitoring my weight loss with pictures and also for events.

Thank you so much Ate Leng for letting me borrow your camera! I promise I will take care of it!

It may seem like I’m so happy to have this camera but I am because this will really help me more in my youtube and also photography stuff. I am currently saving up for a better one of my own so that I can use it whenever I can. ^_^

Wish me luck on this camera! ^_^

Much Love!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DGS Giveaway! ^_^


Just want to make a quick post about D.G.S.'s giveaway! 

If you want to know more just go to my sidebar and click the same picture. 

There is also a sigma brush you can win ^_^

Much Love! 

-- Alice 

Product Review: Ever Bilena Advance Shine Free Foundation.

Ola! Happy Tuesday!

I’m back with another product review for you all and this is also from Ever Bilena. I have used Ever Bilena Cosmetics for a long time so I am really impressed with their products.

On today’s review will also be about their foundation which is the Advance Shine Free Foundation.

When I saw this foundation I was intrigued about the shades which are actually darker than my skin tone. I bought one from a sales representative on their direct sales for around 130++ I forgot the exact price sorry ^_^ .

Honestly, at first I was disappointed because the shade I got looked like its not fit for me, but then when I used it I realized that I got the perfect shade.

Unlike the stick foundation, this one is in liquid form which usually gives a light to medium coverage. I’ve actually used this on some of my FOTD’s and I like its matte finish. I actually like using this because I don’t have to powder afterwards because of its matte finish. It’s also long lasting; this lasted for around 5 hours before I need to retouch my make up.

see how matte it is on my skin

It’s also very hygienic since it comes in a tube form. It does have a bit of a problem because it’s a bit hard to squeeze out the product from the tube. But overall it’s a good deal.

Let’s go to the pro’s and con’s

-  Really Cheap for a good everyday foundation.
-Gives a light to medium coverage.
-Has a matte finish.
-Long lasting.
-  Comes in a tube form which is hygienic

- it’s a bit hard to squeeze out the product.

Over all verdict:

It’s a great buy, Its perfect if you don’t prefer heavy foundation, This  product actually becomes a water-like substance which is easily absorbed by our skin.

Will I repurchase?

I don't see why not haha! But currently I won’t be since I have other foundations to use.

Thank you so much for reading this blog! 

Don’t hesitate to comment below for your comments and suggestions. ^_^

Much Love!


New addition to my blog! ^_^


I have been thinking of making my blog more accessible to girls outside the Philippines and I realized that I can't reach that niche if I only use English as the only language of my blog. So with that I added a new feature in my  blog. 

There are 9 languages you can choose from. There is French, German, Italian, Arab, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and languages. 

Let me know if this really helps ^_^

Much Love! 

-- Alice

FOTD: Last Purple standing

Ola! Happy Tuesday! 

I'm Finally back with an FOTD!!!

I miss dressing up so I dressed up today in a cute summer dress I bought and went for a purple look again. 

I don't know why but I really love the color purple for some reason. 

Products used: 
careline blush on in peach glow
jordache e/s palette
Avon Simply pretty lipstick in Pampering pink
Avon Simply pretty pressed powder in Soft Bisque
Nichido True Colors Liquid Foundation in Stay Light

And of course we can't forget the pose! LOL

Have a great Tuesday ahead! ^_^

Much Love! 

-- Alice 

Product Review: Ever Bilena Studio Finish Foundation


Here is a new post for you all! I’m back with a review ^_^

Foundation is one thing that we really need to be careful on because that is the first thing we apply. Other than knowing how to blend the foundation on we need to know the right shade for us. I will do another post on how to find the right shade of foundation for us, but for now I’ll be reviewing one of Ever Bilena’s foundation.

Before I begin this review I will just state that I was not paid nor affiliated by Ever Bilena Cosmetics Inc. And all that I say here are from my personal experience. I am not forcing you to buy their products; I am merely stating the experience of using the said product.

So let’s proceed with the review. I’ve actually tried this foundation before but I was in college. The thing about Ever Bilena Cosmetics is that they really cater their products to the Filipino market. All their products are high quality but doesn’t break the bank for the budget conscious Filipina.

I bought this product solely for the reason of using it for events that I attend to. Their stick foundation has a medium to full coverage which is perfect if you don’t like to touch up every once is a while. It actually last up on me for like 4 hours before I did some touch ups. This foundation also gives out a very flawless and poreless finish.
here is the swatch

It also comes in 4 shades: Creme, Beige, Miel, Soleil. I chose Crème since it’s their lightest. It does have an orange tinge, which makes me look like having a tan, but it will actually fade once you have blended it in. It’s also very cheap; I bought this product for only 165 pesos. It has a powdery scent which is kind of nice. One thing that I don’t like about it though is its lightest color is still a bit darker for my skin but blending will do the job for it. I also use this product as my concealer for my blemishes ^_^ this product also didn't broke me out which is great ^_^

here is after I have blended it out with my fingers

Let’s now go to the Pro’s and Con’s

-  Really cheap
-  Did not break me out.
-  Great concealer  too
- Gives medium to full coverage
- Gives a flawless and poreless finish.

 Only has 4 shades, I wish they have lighter shades.

Over all verdict:

I like this product! Not only does this product would be a great foundation but also a great concealer as well!

Will I repurchase?
Maybe, but not for now since I have lots of other foundations I have to finish ^_^

Thanks so much for reading my review for today!
Let me know about your reactions about this product or if you have suggestions don’t hesitate to comment below!
Till the next post!
Much Love!


Monday, June 27, 2011

What were you back then?

 What were you when you were in school? 

See mine here ^0^

Now that I remember I was that weird in highschool haha! 

Copy this one and tell me what you were when you were in High school ^_^

Got this from my good friend Glenn of Gencified

Thanks for the inspiration girl! 

Much Love! 

-- Alice

Monday Blues

Ola! Happy Monday! 

I try to be more perky on the first day of the week but it seems not everything is working out the way it was suppose to be. 

1. I forgot my Mp3 Player at home.
2. I sent the wrong file on my email. (Thankfully it was not successfully sent)
3. I forgot my make up AGAIN! the only make up I have in my bag is my compact, lipstick and my blush. 

I seriously need to get a bag organizer! I have a gorgeous bag but it turns into a black hole when I am in a hurry for work. 

I actually woke up really late today! gosh! 

What a way to start the week right? 

But nonetheless it was a good Monday after all because I woke up seeing my two little angels, My nephew and niece. I love seeing them all perky and not moody ^_^

I just wish my other students would also be like them hehe! Joking! I love my students even if most of them are naughty and don't study our lessons. haha! 

Well I have to go now I have a class in 10 mins.. I'll be posting a new article later ayt? 

Much Love! 


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Finally Part of the Nuffnang Family! ^_^

Got this pic from ^_^

Ola! How was your weekend? 

Mine? hmmm...still the same haha! 

I just posted this short blog to show you guys that I'm now part of the Nuffnang Family! Yey! I've been meaning to sign up but I haven't got the courage. 

But now I finally did it! haha! 

I actually got more interested when Bec (from mygorgeouspinkcheeks) told me about Nuffnang and its perks. ^_^

I hope I'll gain more readers and friends at the same time! 

Well I gotta go sleep na! I have work tomorrow eh hehe! 

Much Love!

-- Alice

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Estee Lauder Pure Impact Lipstick Launch at Gateway Mall

 This post is so over due please forgive me! Been really busy with work and everything else I wasn't able to update this site.. so sorry. 

Last Saturday (June 18, 2011) I was at Gateway Mall in Cubao to check out their latest lippies which are the Pure Impact lipstick which I think costs about 1,350 PHP (approx 31.12 USD) There are several shades available in which you can choose from. Honestly speaking, the price is kinda steep, but then if you've tried the product you'll see why the price is so steep LOL

The event actually started at 1 pm but I arrived at 3 pm. I arrived that late because I didn't know it was that early, there was no time indicated but it was okay. 

here is the gorgeous Bec ^_^
When I arrived, I met Bec (of mygorgeouspinkcheeks) we were the only ones there at the time so I didn't waste my time to try out the lippies haha! and I got a little make over too ^_^ also from Estee Lauder.

The nice lady from Estee Lauder, actually recommended 2 colors that are fit for me. She recommended Fuschia Fever and Pink Lolita. Both colors are amazing but I think Pink Lolita would be my favorite. Unfortunately Pink Lolita is part of their limited edition. I also picked out a nice nude shade, unfortunately I forgot its name...signs of aging?!? OMG! LOL

One distinct thing I notice about their lipsticks is that its long lasting. I was in gateway from 3pm to 7pm. I've eaten lunch their, had some ice cream and a McDonald's float, and yes it was a monster float LOL. Yet the lipstick did not even fade. 
I'll really save up my money for this one haha ^_^

where's the chocolate? Oh yeah me and my mom ate it ^_^

I also received a cute little charm and a chocolate from Bizu which is inside a clear small box in which I will reuse hehe! 

Thank you so much Estee Lauder in inviting me to their event! 

Visit their Facebook page to check out their latest make up and for more info! 

Much Love

-- Alice 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Kpop Fridays! Featuring Black Queen ^_^

Ola! another k-pop Friday for you!

This week I'll be featuring this group of Korean girls that does dance covers to popular Korean Pop song!

Their name is Black Queen, You can check them at youtube. They have lots of viewers and videos already so its relatively easy to find them ^_^

Here are 4 videos I always watch ^_^

Hope you girls enjoyed watching these videos!

Have a great weekend!

Much Love!

-- Alice  

Work in Government Offices in NCR suspended -- From Yahoo news.

picture from PAGASA

Malacanang has ordered the suspension of work in government offices in the entire National Capital Region due to the heavy downpour brought by tropical storm "Falcon" (from Yahoo News)

Click here for the full article
I just wish that we will also be released early today. But that is just wishful thinking since I work for a Korean. :(

A day in the life of an online english teacher. I just wish I can get home safe. *sigh*

Much Love!

-- Alice

I'm on a diet (AGAIN?!?!)

As promised I will tell you why I have not been doing FOTD's for this week. 

For one, it has been raining since Monday which is a total drag if you ask me. I actually don't want to fix myself because its been really windy and I've had some cases where my umbrella would flip because of the strong winds. It would just be a waste of my make up haha! 
Second is because I am on a diet. I just started a 5 day diet in which it consists of drinking shakes and also taking some medication. Since its like a detox of a sort I have started breaking out. 

I wanted to go on a diet again because I have gained a lot of weight and I had been really bothered by it because we have a history of Diabetes in our family. And as they say, if your over weight your immune system will decrease and you'll get sick. 

I wanted to feel better about myself so I am really trying hard to lose the weight. My mom fully supports me on this because she misses my sexy body too.. haha! For real! When I lost a lot of weight before she was so excited to buy me clothes! She's my stylist by the way haha! 

I'll be doing updates about my progress and I hope I also get your support in my fight against the bulge and keep it off.

I'll be buying another copy of Hip Hop Abs because my first one was stolen. tsk! damn kleptomaniacs!  But again I can't do anything about them. Oh well what the -- ^_^

Much Love! 

-- Alice

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Surprise! ^_^

Ola! Just a little surprise for you all! ^_^

I really like the matte red lipstick from Ever Bilena so I used it today ^_^

This is not an FOTD since I only used the lipstick ^_^

Now for the wacky shot of the day! LOL

Much Love!

-- Alice

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I won!

For the first time I won something! Haha! It may seem weird but I really feel glad because I didn’t expect to win something from the Facebook Promo of Ever Bilena Cosmetics.

According to the Brand Administrator of Ever Bilena Cosmetics I won a loot bag from Ever Bilena. At first I was like “really?” haha! But then I checked my Facebook thru my phone and it’s true! I won! LOL

I just feel so overjoyed because this is the first time I won something in a long time. ^_^

The mechanics are really simple. You will just share your personal make up tips using your favorite Ever Bilena Make up and get a chance to with a beauty loot bag. The best make up tips will be featured in Ever Bilena’s website and magazine advertorials. They will pick 7 lucky winners every week. There is a total of 28 winners that will also represent Ever Bilena’s 28 Years of providing quality products.

For the last part, I am not sure yet if we will be able to be part of that. But the Brand Administrator said he will contact the winners about claiming the prices.

If it does suffice, OMG freak our mode ito! LOL

But overall I am very happy I won. If you also want to win go to their Facebook page and share your make up tips!
Much Love!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Breaking out is part of the process.

I have acne-prone skin so it’s not an issue when I get break out every now and then.

meet my red little bumps haha! :))

The usual factors of breaking out is basically the food you eat, the place or environment you live in, and also stress factors in our everyday lives.

I live in the city which means that pollution is everywhere.

One of the stress factors in my life right now is my work. I know my job is not that stressful to the least but there are times that you just want to scream when all your students are not in the mood to have lesson.

Eating habits wise is a bit different nowadays since I am on a cleansing week. I have been drinking water. No soda or caffeine and also no junk food. For some reason I also do not have cravings for chocolate, pasta and rice which is kind of nice if you ask me.

I have been breaking out mainly because I am cleansing myself. I have been taking medicine that will take off some excess baggage. I’ll tell you about this after 5 days.

Basically breaking out is part of our lives. During our puberty and adolescence stage we experience this. If not treated immediately it could get worse. I’ve seen what severe acne problems can give you and believe me it’s not going to be a nice trip.  

There are only 3 things I can advice those who have break out now.

1.      Re-evaluate your lifestyle.

Do you sleep late? Do you eat a lot of junk food? Those are some factors that may give you those ugly red bumps in your forehead. Re-evaluating your lifestyle not only will clear up your skin but also you’ll have better health.

2.      Have a skin regimen.

I know this may be hard for those who don’t really like routines, but this will save you. There are only 3 things you need to remember: cleanse, tone, and moisturize. A little exfoliating twice a week won’t hurt to give you a flawless face in the end.

3.      Prevention is better.

Prevention is better than cure according to some doctors so why not prevent those break out before they even get out. How? Water is the answer. I kinda sounded weird when I said that but yes, water will help you. If you want to optimize it you can take supplements like Vitamin E or Vitamin C. Also check with your dermatologist what is good for your skin in terms of creams and cleansers.

I hope this tips will help you fight those pesky break outs.

Much Love!


Monday, June 20, 2011

No FOTD for this week :'(


I have been in a haitus for like 3 or 4 days. I'm so sorry about that :( Its just that last Friday was so stressful. I had to make like several reports at work and I had to attend 3 events during the weekend, but I'll tell you guys about the events on the next post ayt?

As stated in the title there would be no FOTD this week because I can't help but get irritated about the weather here in the Philippines. I just don't like the fact that the rain will ruin my look. It has been raining since Saturday in which is a total bummer. I also can't do an FOTD because my camera is not working. I have to find a new one though so I can do FOTD and other photography-related stuff.

I will still have posts for you girls so don't you worry ^_^

If you have any questions you can comment below.

Much Love!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Product Review: Neutrogena anti acne facial soap.

This product review is about the Neutrogena Anti acne facial bar.

This product literally saved me from pre-adolescent acne. During my High school years I had that wicked battle with acne. During my Freshman year was I think the worst. I don’t have pictures to show since I was so conscious of what I look like back then.

During High School most of my acne was in my cheeks, chin and jaw line area. I was so conscious that I always wear my hair down and my self esteem was at its worst.

My mom initially bought me this because she saw how I don’t like to socialize anymore during parties she would host. I would usually be the center of attention because of my singing abilities I.E. I was the Entertainment committee during the party.Weird right? haha!

I am so thankful my mom bought me this! She really knows the best! ^_^

My initial reaction was it was drying on my skin, I realized that it dried my skin because of the acne I had. Other from that there were no other things I was bothered about. 

Let’s start with the review shall we?

-          Effects can be seen after a week of usage.
-          Dried my acne
-          Has a mild scent.
-          Very cheap! 99 php  (approx 2.28 USD)
-          The bar can last up to 3 months of usage.

It dried my skin on the first week but my skin got better after that. Besides from that I don’t have any reasons to not like it!

My verdict:
I like it! It’s effective in eliminating acne. This is best to be paired with St. Ives Apricot scrub and a mild moisturizer. 

Will I repurchase? Of course! Why wouldn’t I? I absolutely love this product! 

Any acne products you recommend?

Much Love!
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