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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thank you 150 subbies! + Announcement ^_^

Ola again! I'm back with a Thank you video for my 150 subbies on my YT account 

I have been putting this giveaway off till I get 200 subbies but what the hey! That is how much I love my subbies! ^_^

By the way I have not bought yet the products but once I do I'll be giving the mechanics of the giveaway.

Just one reminder. Don't expect too much on the prices okay? But all the things I'll be giving away are great items...So watch out ^_^

Here is the video by the way 

Much Love! 

-- Alice


makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said... [Reply]

i'm excited to join your contest soon! :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

Thanks Iya! I really appreciate it ^_^

Marge said... [Reply]

OMO! BIG BANG! hay ayan na excite nanaman ako for july [korean wave big bang and 2ne1 etc sa sg]
mwaaaah congrats girl!

Marge said... [Reply]

subscribed ;-)
been playing big bang's special ed album since it came out LOL.
hahaha ako na di maka get over. july come to me!

Photoescape said... [Reply] too! ^_^ but I can't go sa July T_T

Issa said... [Reply]

congrats alice! can't wait for your contest!

Photoescape said... [Reply]

thanks issa! ^_^

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