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Friday, May 6, 2011

Some K-pop Love ^_^

Hey Ladies! I'm back! haha...Have been missing in action for quite some time because our house is STILL being renovated and there is no way I am unable to use my persocom (personal computer) without my internet (T.T)

As you can see at the title this basically is a post about my love for K-pop. 

I have started loving K-pop or Korean pop music as early as 2000's started. I simply got fascinated with the rhythm and also how they look..they just look so cute ^_^

So lets get started with this! 

As of the moment, if you are a follower of my twitter (

You would've seen my tweets when 2AM was here. Like from the moment they arrived in Manila and during their performances. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend any of the events they had since I was at work and I was doing something that weekend...what a sad moment for me :( But I am really hoping that they comeback later this year for a concert *crossfingers* 

And if they do I will really buy VIP passes! haha! that is how big I like them. haha! :D 

Here is some info about 2AM: 

1. Jo kwon is the leader of the group. He has been in the company for 7 years as a trainee... when I heard this I was like OMFG! haha! 
2. Chang min used to be chubby too, but now he has a rockin' body (I still have a chance! haha! LOL)
3. Seulong is the serious one in the group (but I still like him) :)
4. Jinwoon is the youngest in the group and according to my students he is also the "cutie" one ^_^
5. Jo kwon is also known as "kkbap kwon" since he is a regular at variety shows in Korea. 
Here are some of their pictures ^_^

 This is Jinwoon (so cute! ^_^ )

This is Changmin...the abs... *sigh*

 Credits to: Jo kwon ^_^ got this from his twitpic account 정말 오빠 죄송 해요!

 Last picture in the Philippines :( credits to the owner

Now let's move to my other favorite group...
Big Bang! 

I really like this 5 member group from YG family ^_^ 

wanna know why? 

They make music and lifestyle blend so well. And also even if they work individually or as a group you will be able to distinguish their good points. 

Here are the members: 

 Tae -yang

one of their members that is a great dancer (they are all great) He just stands out the most for me in that area ^_^


He is the oldest but definitely the one that holds the most in terms of charisma. 

He is the resident rapper of the group. 

This is Dae sung, when I was watching their documentary about the making of Big Bang he was considered as being the ugliest or rather the not-so-much good looking. I admit he doesn't have the looks that Tae yang and T.O.P. has but he has his own cuteness. I really like his smile actually ^_^ 

 This is Seung Ri. He is the youngest among the members and is apparently the one that knows a lot about the others...So much that they keep a close eye on him when he is shooting for a talk show (haha!) He has 2 solo albums..sorry kinda forgot the titles ^_^

This is G-Dragon. This is the leader of Big Bang, he is also a rapper / singer in the group. He is very fashion forward and likes to experiment with his fashion choices. I applaud him for being brave about it ^_^ 

Some group shots! ^_^

so tell me about your favorite Korean idol groups! ^_^

I'll do more posts about music since I also state in my blog that this is a beauty / music / and personal blog ^_^

well gotta go! 


much love! 

-- Alice


Marge said... [Reply]

homayghad lamang ang gwapo ni jinwoon sa eastwood! hahaha naturally i'd be there, neh?
ano punta ba tayong sg for july 15 for some bb love!?
miss you girl ♥♥♥

Photoescape said... [Reply]

OMG!! sana you told me earlier! Booked na ako for July! T_T my T.O.P will be very disappointed di kami mag kikita!! wahaha! LOL

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