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Monday, May 23, 2011

project pan update (As of May 23 2011)

The remaining products

I haven't done an update on my project pan in a while - more like in a long time. I remember my first update was last december of 2010.

there were some stuff I have to throw away unfortunately since they already gave me allergies and make me break out which is not cool.

so lets start!

clean and clear oil control powder  
I've already hit pan with this one and I am thinking if I am going to buy a new one. but I'll have to finish my compact from Avon first.

Proderm Compact 
I've also hit pan with this since I used it so many times.This also has SPF which I really like ^-^

Maxfactor foundation in Light Beige 
There is still 30% more to go with this product. I try to alternate using it with my other foundations so that I won't waste all of them.

Helena Rubinstein Blush 
hit pan with this one also. I really like the pigmentation of this blush. its a bright pink but you have to be careful in applying this one though since its really pigmented. You may look like a clown with it LOL

L'oreal Hip Jelly Balm in Luscious 
30% more to go with this one. I have actually shared using this with some of my office mates since they also came to love this lip balm. its not sticky and has a sweet scent that I love. Unfortunately I won't be able to purchase another one of these since its not available here in the Philippines :(

Ombretto 4 Eyeshadow 
has cracked, someone actually borrowed this from me in a gig and dropped it accidentaly. My only reaction with what she did was *drop jaw* "OMFG!" but still half full which is still okay.

Cover girl Highlighter powder 
I wasn't able to use this everyday since its super hot here in Manila already! there is still 60% more to go though.. and I still have 5 more months to go before it completely expires.

The following products are unfortunately unable to be resuscitated:

Alue Eyeshadow 
I liked this e/s to tell you honestly. I just had to let it go because it had developed a certain smell which for one I know that is not possible. Its not really stinky, but the thought of it having a slight smell made me say goodbye.

Japanese Cream e/s
This one is a no brainer since I have tried it as a base and also by itself, it just doesn't work. And also the colors are just not that pigmented anymore so I have to throw them away. 

Almay foundation
This foundation-turned-bronzer for me made my skin really itchy when I applied it. That made me decide it really has to go. 

Hypo allergenics loose powder
Like the Almay Foundation, this also made my skin really itch so I really had to throw it out too. :(

red quad e/s
This quad actually gave up on me when I was using it on one of my mom's client. It seems that the colors don't work anymore. Even if I prime it the color doesn't pop out anymore. and like the Alue eyeshadow, this one also had developed a scent - and not a good one may I tell you.

Those are some of the items I have. I try to alternate using them with my new make up so I won't neglect the new ones. I hope you guys enjoyed this post! 

Please comment below if you have reactions or suggestions! ^_^

Much Love! 

-- Alice


makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said... [Reply]

I shall do this soon. :) teehee..I need more moolahs for clothes. :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

me too! I really need to save some money for a new pair of heels... T_T haha! thanks for reading my post doll! ^_^

herroyalbleakness said... [Reply]

was wondrin which Max factor foundie is it that you're about to hit pan on. I've recently visited an MF counter and was impressed with their Lasting Performance liquid foundie so im thinking if ure also hiyang with that product :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

I'm using a MF pancake...its actually my first MF product..haha! I've tried their lasting performance foundie but haven't got the moolah to buy one yet...thanks for dropping by! ^_^

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