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Monday, May 16, 2011

My number 1 supporter Michelle

Ola! If you have been following my blog, You should've seen my post about my battle with weight. If you haven't here's the link 

Isn't she lovely? *intro song* :D


This is Michelle, she is one of my best friends in the entire world and the story of our friendship goes way back on our Freshman in college. I actually wasn't that close to her when we were in freshman year while I was with another set of friends. 

We just got closer when we were in Sophomore, we usually have more classes together that's why we just got closer. 

Initially I was really intimidated by her,just look at her she is Gorgeous with a capital G! hehe! but she is just the nicest and sweetest girl!

Usually we would spend the day just going on our classes and hanging out either at the school internet cafe or at the library. Then after school we would just hang out at her house. 

Michelle is one of the nicest and prettiest girls I have met. She is very down to earth and also very fashionable. I actually get conscious sometimes when people see us together because she is very pretty while I'm somewhat in the borderline of being pretty...well you get the point! haha! 
Michelle also has a good eye for make up looks. I was actually encouraging her to post some videos on YT on her looks, but she is kinda shy with it. May be someday she will be able to do it.. I believe in you friend! :D

The reason why I'm dedicating this post to her is because she is very supportive of me to everything that I do, may it be my youtube song covers or my blogging. 

Recently, she commented about my weight and she is really hoping that I am able to lose the weight as easy as possible. She actually encourages me every time on facebook, she usually sends me messages saying "don't cheat on your diet!" and "I believe you'll lose the weight" 

Those words might not have an effect on anyone, but for me it has. It makes me work more so I can really lose the weight. 

Thank you so much Michelle for the support! I really appreciate it girl! I love you so muchie my Michie! ^_^ 

Do you have your #1 supporter? Share your stories here! ^_^

Can't wait to read them! ^_^

Much love! 

-- Alice


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