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Monday, May 9, 2011

My Addictions: Games

Whenever I'm not searching for the latest make up trend or latest products on the market I usually search around for the latest games that are in the market. 

Usually I would spend my weekends playing these games up until the morning if I don't have anything.

Weird huh? But its true! I like to play video games and I usually like to play simulation games. Here are some of the games I am addicted to. 

1. Farmville

I know what your thinking, why the heck would I play this game? simple coz its fun to see something grow even if its just in cyberspace. 
I started playing Farmville out of sheer curiosity. At first I was irritated with all the invites and would just like to know why people get so addicted playing this game. 

At first I just had like 3 animals and my crops would always wither, but if you see my farm now its far from being what it was before. It can get you addicted but one way not to get addicted is just spend with it during weekends and just plant crops that are like 4 days before they grow. 

Most of my favorite things to do in my farm is tend to my animals and also plant some flowers or crops. ^_^

2. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. 
 I got addicted to this game due to the influence of my God-brother. 

Harvest Moon is like Farmville but you don't need to have internet connection and its a little more life-based as to farmville. 

With Farmville you only interact with your own farm and there are no other aspects. What you do in farmville is just plant crops, harvest crops, tend to your animals, and design it as any way as you can. 

This game is much different because it has a story behind the game. And also you have goals to achieve, like for one you have to at least marry one of the girls in the game and also be able to make your farm produce plants. 

Its one of the games that I really would spend a lot of time to figure out since it has a lot of sub plots. ^_^

3. Pokemon.

This one is kind of a no-brainer since almost everyone I know play this game also. Much like Harvest Moon, You don't need internet connection playing this game. You will only need internet connection if you are playing their online version which is no fun if you ask me. 

I have been playing this game since I was in Highschool so I pretty much know a lot of stuff about it. But nowadays I use GBA to play this game. Its a bit harder using my computer playing a game that is actually fit for a gameboy so its quite an adjustment if you ask me. But I can't help it, I just love it! ^_^ 

It may seem childish that I play these games. But mostly, these games are just for fun for me. I usually play these games to refresh my mind from all the toxic things I've done during the week, and hey its never a bad thing to be a kid once in a while right?

Well I have got to go, thank you so much for reading this post! 

Let me know what you think about this post with a simple comment below, I would really appreciate it ^_^


Much love! 



Manileña Mom said... [Reply]

My daughter loves this blog post, she read it very enthusiastically and was happy to know that another girl (although no longer her age) is playing pokemon. We have it downloaded in my netbook (which translates to mommy being a squatter, coz I cant use the darn netbook to school since she's playing on it), and she plays it all the time.

I have farmville, pet society, city something and csi games on my facebook. and many more invites that i never got started nor finished. lol, i never started nga eh finished pa hehehe. gulo ko talaga.

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