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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I am invited in Nikki's Clinique Party! yey!

Yesterday I was reading some of the blogs I have subscribed to and I saw one post from Nikki (of Ask Me What) about her Clinique party and she is inviting 10 of her readers to join her this Saturday. I immediately entered hoping to be chosen. 

And just like 30 minutes ago I checked my email and was shock to see Nikki's email saying I am invited! yey! hehe! 
Nikki is one of my favorite bloggers. I actually did a post about her (click here for the article)

I am sooo excited! ^_^ 

The first Clinique party I tried to enter was from  Project Vanity. Unfortunately I wasn't selected then. 
Usually on a Clinique party, there would be like skin consultations from Clinique experts, we will also get to check out their skin care and cosmetics line. There will also be some samples from Clinique based on your skin consultation, a make up coaching session from Clinique experts and also lots of fun meeting new friends! 

I am actually super excited because I will be able to meet Nikki and also meet new friends. ^_^

Wish me luck! 
Much Love! 

-- Alice


makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said... [Reply]

I had so much fun meeting you earlier! stay pretty!

I can't wait to see our pics! :)

geishcharles said... [Reply]

the follow button sucks haha!

regards and thanks:))

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ geishcharles no biggie! I also have that problem when I follow someone ^0^ thanks so much for following my site! ^_^

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