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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Clinique Party with Nikki (of Ask Me What)

So yesterday (May 21 2011) I went to Nikki's Clinique party in Rustan's Makati and was really excited about it. I also have a surprise for you all at the end of this blog ^_^

This was my consultation chart.... Find out what skin type I am later ^_^

Initially I was very nervous since it was the first event I went to after I resigned from my previous job. I was actually 10 minutes early when I arrived there. Of course being the shy person (shy daw?!) I just approached the counter with caution.. haha! way to bring me down! LOL

Beauty Consultation time!

I was greeted first by Miss Nikki ( then by Miss Mira, the marketing manager for Clinique Philippines and the host of the event. And as soon as I arrive, the other invitees had also arrived. I first met Kat, then Issa, then Kessa and so forth. I was a bit shy since its my first time, but the atmosphere is great. All of us were chatting away while also enjoying the food while we wait  for the consultation ^_^

This is the answer for my breakouts

Now on the beauty part. I was actually the third on the list to be analyzed and I was assisted by Miss Jing. She asked me about my beauty concerns and those were my pores, breakouts, and acne scar removal. And there was one thing I was shock to discover - I actually have combination skin! And I thought I have oily skin for the past 10+ years haha!. Miss Jing assisted me in the right products for my skin concerns.

Clinique's Pore Minimizing system  ^.^

For my breakouts it would be their acne solutions which has cleanser, toner and also a spot treatment. For my acne scars it would be their derma white kit since it will lighten your skin and the scars. Then off to my pores, they actually have another set treatment for those. I really like how thorough their systems are and also how it doesn't have alcohol which will dry our skin. One thing I really like Clinique products is you can customize it according to what your skin needs.

I was like the 3rd on the list so I had a chance to meet some of the other girls. They were from different backgrounds of course but we all have one thing in common - Make up! haha! ^_^ Here are some of the girls I met at the event. I'm really sorry if I'm not putting captions on your pics, I'm really bad with names eh haha!

Make up time! ^_^
During the make up session, I asked Miss Baby if she can cover up my acne scars, in which she did. She is really nice and really funny too. During the event she also gave me some tips about picking colors for your skin and also told me that I can have another free make up session with her, but this time it would be only half face, so she can coach me the how to's.

She really did covered up my scar! but the concealer she used doesn't only cover up my scars but also protects it from having break outs since it has tea tree oil. The foundation used on me was so light weight that I never realized I had it on for several hours ^_^

I also received some goodies from Clinique. I received a facial wash, a moisturizer and also a mascara. I'll do a YT video on that one ^_^

Can you see the scars? Nooooo!! haha!
I really enjoyed the event and meeting new friends.

Please follow these lovely ladies! ^_^ -- Kikay Trekkie / Marge -- Kessa Thea -- Iya -- Jessroque

I've already followed them ^_^

Here is the surprise I was telling you girls. Let me know what you think about this look and I will remake it for my channel ^_^

Much Love!

-- Alice


Emafe said... [Reply]

Wow sana may ganyan dito aattend talaga ako=)

AsianBeautyx89 said... [Reply]

Alice you look really beautiful! Looks like you had so much fun =) I love your makeup.
Can't wait to see the stuffs you got and maybe review them too?

makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said... [Reply]

I hope we could bond again soon! :) thanks for linking me. :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@Emafe -- oo nga no.. I think there are also this kinds of events dyan.. you just need to be active.. ^_^

Lourdes -- thank you soo much! ^_^ I really had fun! I'll remake this look for my channel once I get a better camera ^_^

Iya -- no probs! really hope we can bond again soon! ^_^

Kessa Thea said... [Reply]

Thank you for visiting my blog and linking it too. :-) It was fun meeting you at the event. See you again soon...

JesRoque said... [Reply]

It was great to meet you! :) I hope to see you again soon.

Thank you for mentioning my blog! Mwaaaah!

Issa said... [Reply]

you shouldn't have gone home with that gorgeous look! you really look good! it was nice meeting you...see you around sis! :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ jesroque -- no problem dear! ^_^

@ Issa -- I actually did not go home yet.. I went to my tita's house nalang to show off my look haha! :D

Marge said... [Reply]

super nice to meet you. and someone who likes big bang at that ;-)
followed you, too. thanks bhe

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