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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger is back up! yey!


For two days I was in agony not able to log in to my blogger account. And also the comments made by my readers were deleted! 

I remember it was Jendee and two other girls. I really hope you girls drop by again with your questions about my latest review. 

Currently I have the internet for four days so this will be a very happy week for me after all! :D My brother is in Cebu with his girlfriend. Honestly I was very jealous because of the trip but thinking about the expenses made me shiver. I like to travel, but then the cost of traveling is quite high, I'd rather choose to just stay home to save some cash. Maybe this September I'll be the one to go out of town since I won't have work during Chuseok or the mid autumn harvest festival in Korea. 

So going back to the down time of blogger, I was actually bummed since I won't be able to make articles. I usually type my articles beforehand so I can check for some grammatical errors and the works but since Blogger was down, I actually got lazy to even make some articles. I know its weird but there are times people will be kind of tired with writing or have a "writer's block" I just had that. :-P

I'm just really glad blogger is back, and hopefully I won't be able to experience that again. 
But one thing that I am really not happy about is that I won't be able to shoot videos for my youtube account. Apparently my God-brother lost my Bluetooth USB device so I can transfer my videos from my phone to my computer. I would either have to wait for that thing to appear or borrow a digital camera for me to shoot my videos. 
Wish me luck though ^_^

Much love! 

-- Alice


Jendee said... [Reply]

Hello Alice! Yes blogger had some error that day and deleted my comment. You can check it out on your email <3 I checked mine there, the comments on my post was deleted too ^^

Photoescape said... [Reply]

yah... too bad right? I hope they repost your comments about the review.. but thank you so much for reading my post sweetie ^_^

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