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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


(photo by love chic)

I found this cute couple while I was checking twitter and checked out their tumblr account.

Their layout can be defined with three words - clean, sleek and cute.

(Photo by Richard Romero )

Let me introduce Seph and Shai. Seph is a model, You'd probably seen him in metro magazine and other print ads. Shai in the other hand is a contributor for magazines and Television programs.

Their love story goes way back 9 years ago. You can check that here.

Their account (and relationship) is a year old. Most of their post are fashion related. They also have contests for their subbies and readers. Couples and friends can join and their prizes are so cute.

You can also ask them for some advice about love, relationships and most of all-fashion.

(Photo by Trisha Gosingtian)

if you want to check this cute couple in action you can follow them on twitter (sephshai) or on their tumblr account (

To Seph and Shai,

I know we haven't met in person
but thank you so much for trusting me in borrowing some of your pictures.
I really appreciate the niceness! ^_^
I wish you all the happiness in life, love and your careers!

To my readers, thank you so much for reading this post.
If you have any questions or comments please go to the comment box or cbox at the sidebar.

Much love!

-- Alice


Sayaka said... [Reply]

you have interesting thouhts alice...loved reading this entry. :)

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