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Friday, April 29, 2011

Ever Bilena and Sophie Paris Haul

Hey girls! I'm back! ^_^ and I have a haul for you girls! ^_^

I didn't have a lot to buy this time but its all good! so let's begin!

Sophie Paris (2) Phase Make up Remover

This is actually my 2nd bottle.
I did a review on this if you want to check it out just click the name above.
Basically, I love the product that is why I repurchased. This is so worth it because it removes liquid eye liner without the tugging of the skin around my eyes.

Ever Bilena Advanced studio fix foundation stick in creme

The last time I used this product was when I was in sophomore year in college. And during that time, the only make up I would apply is foundation, lipstick and blush. This product actually works more of a concealer for me back then. I repurchased this product to test it out again to see if it still works on my skin.

Ever Bilena Advanced Shine free foundation in Rose creme

I purchased this one for the sheer idea of having a spare foundation for night events that I will be attending. I was initially disappointed when I saw that its a bit tan on my skin, but when I blended it out it actually fitted my skin tone. ^_^

Careline Blush on in Touch of Pink and Peach glow

This is a blush that I would reccommend for those who are starting to learn how to apply make up. This is cheap and available in all stores - even 7-eleven has a counter full of these. The color is fit for both young girls and mature ones.

Ever Bilena Matte lipstick in Skin, Mauvey, Pink Flame, and Love That Red.

This one is what I was most excited about. I originally ordered 6 lipsticks but unfortunately I only got 4, maybe the remaining two lipstick will be delivered next week. I actually ordered these to try them out. This is actually my first time using matte lipstick since I'm used in sheer lipstick. I will do a separate post on these lipstick in another time. ^_^

watch the youtube video here ^_^

This is my haul at the moment. Its not much but I hope you girls liked it.

Much love!

-- Alice


Marissa said... [Reply]

love love love your hauls!

i think i might try the sophie paris makeup remover. im a loyal ever bilena fan, but of course i try other brands too hehehe.

Photoescape said... [Reply]

thanks so much! hehe! I am also an EB fan because of the quality and also the price itself... you really have to try out the make up remover.. It is fantastic! ^_^

AsianBeautyx89 said... [Reply]

I want to try that Sophie Paris Makeup remover.. but i don't think we have that here in Cebu, Philippines though!

Wow :) you got 4 shades of Ever Bilena lipsticks!
Enjoy your new babies! :D

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ asianbeautyx89 -- you can actually buy it via online stores. yeah! I got overboard with the lippies honestly...haha! ^_^

Jendee said... [Reply]

I used ever bilena foundation creme as my concealer~ hihi. It works great. top with a nice foundation. Where did you ordered those lippies? :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

@ jendee -- Got them from my office mate she is actually an ever bilena distributor... I kinda went overboard with the lipsticks don't you think? hehe..

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