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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Series: My favorite Youtubers / Bloggers : COLORismyweapon

Happy Saturday Ladies!

I'm back with a new part of my series!

Let me introduce you to Noe or better known as


I saw her channel and subscribed
to her last year and we started chatting. She actually requested a song. ^_^

Noe likes to make looks like the Miss Universe 2010 series. One of her looks that I like the most is the ninja asassin Look.

Noe is from Cebu, which I heard is the Land of smiles.

The thing I love about her is that she is like a blank canvas that you can make her look like anything you want. She can look like a sweet girl next door, then one minute later you can make her look like a ninja asassin...well not really one minute ^_^

You can check her out on her pages

see yah on my new post!

much love!

-- A


Noe Mae Villa-Gee said... [Reply]

this is very sweet of you to make! :) you dont know how deeply flattered and honored i am. a million thanks to you!! more power to your blog dear :)

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