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Saturday, March 19, 2011

PMS and How to Deal with it.

Menstruation is part of a girl's dilemma, its something that we get every month. With menstruation comes the cramps.

I am now having one and I am not in my happy me. Yet I am blogging it, which is weird...blame it on the PMS people!

PMS or Pre-menstrual symptoms, or popularly known as cramps is caused by the contraction of your uterus during your period, in other words your uterus contracts too hard. This can be mild pain in your abdominal area, lower back or ever your legs. The pain can vary from mild, moderate, and severe.

Usually PMS would begin before or during your period. It can last for like a couple of hours or a whole day, extreme cases would be having it for 2 days.

Here are some tips you can do to lessen the pain.

1. Eats lots of Fiber. Having a balanced diet will cleanse your body from excess estrogen.

Good source of fiber is eating fruits and veggies.

2. Try this trick: Lay face down on the bed, then get on your knees, stick your butt up in the air but leave your head in the pillow. This supposedly tilts the uterus and can relieve pain, this works I tell you.

3. Place a hot bottle or heating pad in your abdomen. This eases out the pain. If you don't want to do hot compress then have a hot bath so you will also feel refreshed.

4. GET MOVING! When I was younger, my PMS was severe that I really can't move but my mom told me to try to move around like walking for at least 15 minutes and it worked!

I suggest try walking for 15 minutes for first timers, then if your are a bit comfortable you can try exercising like using your treadmill. Moving will let blood circulate thus the pain will be relieved.

If all else fails,

5. Drink pain killers. I've instinctively put this at the end because pain killers are an easy option to let the pain ease. Based on experience, I kinda became dependent on drinking pain killers and my mom told me not to be one. It can be addicting I can tell you that.

6. Go to your OB-Gyne if you still experience sever pain. Checking with your OB-Gyne why you have severe pain will help you know more about it.

I hope this tips have helped you. Have a safe Sunday Ladies!


much love!

-- A


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