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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MULTIPLY REPOST: when to throw away your make up

hello! I'm back with another re-post from my multiply account. I was thinking of making my multiply site more of my portfolio then this would be my main blog site. Enjoy reading!

Hi girls! I'm back! I know I have been out for a while. I've been pretty busy with work and other stuff that I haven't had much time to write new article.

Okay so its already December and Christmas is just around the corner, do you have plans this December 24?

Well for me usually around this time I would be cleaning out my stuff and check which ones I have to throw out. That means it can be old clothes, shoes, books, trash...and most specially make up!.

Throwing away your make up is kind of like throwing away your baby. I know how it feels and it hurts so much! but if its bad for you, you gotta let them go girl!

Here are some of the basics things you need to think and also do when you store or throw away your make up.

1. Put a date on your product when you first opened it. So you'll know when it has expired or not.

2. If your product smells funky...and not in a good way...throw it out immediately!

3. if you have developed rashes or acne, throw it out.

4. store them properly so that they will last longer.

Here are some of the life span of make up.

Mascara can last up to Every three months minimum, maximum is 6 months but if the product tends to clump up after the three month period say your goodbyes to it.

Foundation can last to One year minimum, but you can still give it another 3 months if you store it properly.

Concealer can last 12 – 18 months with proper storage.

Powder can last to 18 months or longer. But once that you get rashes or allergies, dispose it.

Blush/Bronzer can last to 18 months.

Cream blush lasts 12 – 18 months

Eye shadow and Eyeliner lasts 18 months

Liquid eyeliner lasts 6 months, you can still give another 2 months maximum.

Lipstick / lip gloss lasts for only 18 months

Lip liner and Nail polish lasts for only one year

Makeup sponges Wash them after each use with warm water, then throw away after a month. Longer than that can have bacteria build up.

I hope this helped you with your beauty dilemmas ^_^

peace and love!


Jendee said... [Reply]

Wow~ ganun pala yun! Thanks for posting sis!~ ^.^

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