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Saturday, March 5, 2011

MULTIPLY REPOST: Weird Beauty Tips that actually work!


These were some of the tips and tricks I learned from my mom, from Cosmo and among other :)

*** Try shaving your legs with conditioner instead of soap or shaving cream. I've done this myself, and it actually works really well! They say that the conditioner helps soften the leg hair so it's easier to shave off --which is true.

*** Use an exfoliating facial scrub on your underarms to help your pits look soft and pretty. facial scrubs are gentler than body scrubs. This is a good one if you like wearing sleeveless shirts!

*** Left with streaks after you use a self-tanner? oh dear! Put a little baking soda on a loofah and give yourself an all over scrub. It'll buff away the streaks and leave you with soft skin!

*** Spritz your favorite scent onto your hairbrush before you brush your hair. You'll smell good all day -- just one spritz is plenty. I like this idea a lot and have used this one on many occasions..

*** The next time you break a nail, put a dab of super glue or skin sealer over the split. Let it dry, then paint your nails (use at least two coats) with an opaque color to help seal the crack and hide the glue. I haven't tried this one but my gay friend says it really works.

A few makeup tricks that sound crazy... but they work!

*** Freeze your eyeliner for fifteen minutes before use. This will help keep the tip from crumbling or smearing. I love this idea! I don't often bother with makeup

*** Pre-heat your eyelash curler with your hair dryer. Just a couple of seconds will heat up your eyelash curler enough to make your lashes bend more easily.

*** Pick waterproof mascara if you'll be curling your lashes -- the waterproof varieties dry faster than other varieties, which means the curl will set better.

hope you like the tips!

much love!

-- A


Ian J said... [Reply]

Wah! So helpful! I'm willing to testify that using facial scrub on pits is a big big help. Tried it with a facial for men and its really soft, and smells great too.

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