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Sunday, March 27, 2011

MULTIPLY REPOST! -- 6 ways for FAB skin--

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Hope you enjoy it and have a great Sunday!

Our skin is the biggest organ we have to take care because if others see our skin uneven, blotchy or worse - breaking out it will be a statement they will remember forever. Here are six thing I think can help us take care of our skin better.

1. Have a big or small O a day

Its not what you think it is okay? have a big or small Orange a day. There is a saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away right? Well for me it would be an orange a day keeps the wrinkles away...longer. Because higher intake of Vitamin C actually reduces wrinkles and dryness due to aging later in our life. Recommended dosage of Vitamin C is 2 big oranges or 4 small oranges for Adults or if you like you can try other citrus fruits. Tomato also has a high percentage of Vit. C and lycopene - both great for the health and for the skin.

2. Eat some colors for your skin

I have heard this several times when I was growing up. That if you eat your fruits and veggies without the saturated fat, too much sugar and all that crap you will achieve a much more glowing skin without the make up.

Fruits and vegetables has lots of antioxidants that is great for our skin. Antioxidants usually are the ones that protects our skin from baddies like pollution, stress that leads to breakouts, uneven skin and other not so good signs that you don't take care of your skin. If you eat more of your fruits and vegetables you can see the results of that within three to six months. I know its so long but think of it this way if you continue to eat healthy its not just your skin that will change but also your weight.

3. Bring out the oil please!

In oil I mean olive oil. We all know what olive oil does for our skin and also our hair and nails. Its actually best to intake olive oil is not to use it as cooking oil - I'm serious about it! Extra virgin olive oil is best to use for your hair treatment and also for your salad.

4. pop a pill - fish oil I mean

Fish oil has marine omega-3 fatty acids which is good for the heart and also for your skin. This can be good if you want those lines to stay away much longer. pop a fish oil or eat some fish once in a while may be good for you, I suggest chowing in some salmon or tuna will be great.

5. Diet crazy? not good!

Did you know that stress increases the risk of having those lines in your face even if your in your mid 20's? so scary! and I think one main cause of stress for some girls out there is when they are too strict with themselves - specially with food. Its okay to diet, but don't restrict yourself in eating, just don't go overboard about thinking its calorie content.

6. dance, sing, live

One best way to achieve that inner glow and also shoo away premature lines is to do activities that will make you feel calm and relaxed both inside and out. One best way is to dance - with a partner, group or alone. Singing also helps you relax yourself. Both activities psychologically makes you feel more radiant because you feel good in showing what you got.

There you go here are some of the things that I think can turn the clock around so those lines and signs of aging can stay away for some more time.

have fun trying them.

good luck!

Much love!

-- Alice


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