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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Miracles Amidst the Tragedy

Miracles due happen in these times of crisis.

I just read from that a 4 month old baby girl had survived the tsunami that occurred last Friday.

According to the news, when the baby cried the rescuers thought that it was just their imagination, but when she cried again they knew it was real.

She actually survived 3 days in the cold, Luckily she was covered with a blanket. The only mystery was how she survived being drowned or being hit by the debris. I guess life is full of mysteries that will remain unanswered.

This little girl is a spark of hope for all of us that there are still survivors waiting to be rescued.

We may not be able to help financially, but with our prayers and faith I know that there will be more survivors.

Much love

-- A

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