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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

20 things people don’t know about me

Hey Hey its a Tuesday!


Here's a little something to make you chuckle....if it can :D

20: I like to walk when I am not in the mood to talk to anybody.
19: I like to eat sampalok before I have my period (the sweet kind)
18: I can talk 10 hours STRAIGHT . I was in the call center for a year so this is a no-brainer...haha!
17: I drink alcoholic beverages like a guy,ONLY when I’m angry
16: I like to be drunk
15: I don’t like azucena (dog meat)…who does?
14: I hate police (you don’t want to know why)
13: I like Italian movies.
12: I like to read gay literature.
11: I cannot live without my organizer.
10: I absolutely love bags! Whether they are designer labeled or not
9: I like to read about witch craft and other creepy stuff
8: I like to watch horror films ALONE
7: I’m afraid of heights…BUT I like to ride roller coasters and other height frightening rides (ironic isn’t it?)
6: I have a tendency to be a obsessive compulsive towards my things when someone touches them without my consent
5: I like to ride fast vehicles
4: I don’t like reckless drivers. another ironic statement...
3: I hate guys who are over confident
2: I can read a book as thick as a nursing student’s book in a span of 3 hours or less.
1: I like to sleep on the first day of my period.

Tell me your 20 things!

much love!

-- A


Sayaka said... [Reply]

Here's my 20...
20. My feet needs to be clean before I go to bed.
19. I bring books so I have excuse not to talk to people I don't like.
18. I'm a brown bagger, I always bring lots of food it seems like I bring my fridge with me without the cord, haha!
17. I put on music before, while and during sleep.
16. I design & sew my own clothes until 15 and stopped when I got busy with college and being a single mom.
15. I like being alone and have no problems spending a lot of time at home.
14. I also love long rides at countrysides when I go for vacation with my aunt.
13. I also love to ride fast vehicles.
12. I also hate reckless drivers.
11. I love backrides.
10. I don't like pig's meat.
9. I only eat beef, anything beef.
8. I make a mean monggo with fried galunggong. :)
7. I also make a mean sinigang sa miso.
6. I have red moles (TMI).
5. I love cross-stitch.
4. I used to sell sampaguita in-front of the church during vacation time.
3. i love matchy things.
2. i love to collect ballpens.
1. i have this penchant to blurt out something out of the blue even if it doesn't have anything to do with what people are talking about. :)

Photoescape said... [Reply]

thanks for commenting1 ^_^ I would love to try out your mean sinigang sa miso and monggo with fried galunggong... yum! ^_^

EveryDay Makeup blog said... [Reply]

Haha sampaloc. I start craving greasy and sweet food whenever I'm about to get my period lol.

Ian J said... [Reply]

Uhm, ok. So that's why you go walking out for no good reason. hahaha. I'm still thinking what 20 things people don't know about me as I am as transparent as I can be.

Btw, sis. I got an award for you. Please claim it by visiting me back.

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