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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Product Review: Ever Bilena Advanced Concealer in Light Vanilla

Hello! I'm back!! and I'm back with a review! :D

For today's review is about Ever Bilena's Concealer.

I picked Light Vanilla since its their lightest color. EB's concealers come in 3 shades - Light Vanilla, Soft Beige, and Velvet Nude.

Its said that it will conceal under eye circles, reduce the visibility of pores and also dark spots.

I remember I bought this for like 125.00+ I actually forgot the right price because I bought this product a couple of months ago from an ever bilena representative.

One Quick Tip:
EB products are actually cheaper if you buy them from a sales representative than the mall. But if you don't know anyone who sells EB products you can just go to Watson's ^^

It comes in a tube packaging. At first you'd think its a lipstick but its not. ^^

Now here is my breakdown.

What I like about the product....

- Blends really well on my skin, Especially around the eye area.
- Creamy but feels light on my skin.
- Does not make my skin break out.
- Does not clog pores.

What I don't like about the product....

- Has a weird smell at first, but will fade easily.
- only has 3 shades.
- Not suitable for Darker skin tone (Morena skin)

Over all verdict:

It does reduce redness of pimples, minimizes dark spots, and lightens under eye circles.

In terms of concealing, it does that but only on a minimal level.

I would buy this again but not now because one tube will last you a long time.

Hope you like my review!

See you on the next post!

Much love!

-- Alice

I am not being paid by the company to make this review. Neither was the product sent to me for free. I bought the product with my own money and all being said in this review is from my own experience.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Here is a little something for you ^_^

A little something to make you smile and have a happy week.


Much love!

-- Alice

Sunday, March 27, 2011

MULTIPLY REPOST! -- 6 ways for FAB skin--

Here is another of my Re-posts from my multiply account (
Hope you enjoy it and have a great Sunday!

Our skin is the biggest organ we have to take care because if others see our skin uneven, blotchy or worse - breaking out it will be a statement they will remember forever. Here are six thing I think can help us take care of our skin better.

1. Have a big or small O a day

Its not what you think it is okay? have a big or small Orange a day. There is a saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away right? Well for me it would be an orange a day keeps the wrinkles away...longer. Because higher intake of Vitamin C actually reduces wrinkles and dryness due to aging later in our life. Recommended dosage of Vitamin C is 2 big oranges or 4 small oranges for Adults or if you like you can try other citrus fruits. Tomato also has a high percentage of Vit. C and lycopene - both great for the health and for the skin.

2. Eat some colors for your skin

I have heard this several times when I was growing up. That if you eat your fruits and veggies without the saturated fat, too much sugar and all that crap you will achieve a much more glowing skin without the make up.

Fruits and vegetables has lots of antioxidants that is great for our skin. Antioxidants usually are the ones that protects our skin from baddies like pollution, stress that leads to breakouts, uneven skin and other not so good signs that you don't take care of your skin. If you eat more of your fruits and vegetables you can see the results of that within three to six months. I know its so long but think of it this way if you continue to eat healthy its not just your skin that will change but also your weight.

3. Bring out the oil please!

In oil I mean olive oil. We all know what olive oil does for our skin and also our hair and nails. Its actually best to intake olive oil is not to use it as cooking oil - I'm serious about it! Extra virgin olive oil is best to use for your hair treatment and also for your salad.

4. pop a pill - fish oil I mean

Fish oil has marine omega-3 fatty acids which is good for the heart and also for your skin. This can be good if you want those lines to stay away much longer. pop a fish oil or eat some fish once in a while may be good for you, I suggest chowing in some salmon or tuna will be great.

5. Diet crazy? not good!

Did you know that stress increases the risk of having those lines in your face even if your in your mid 20's? so scary! and I think one main cause of stress for some girls out there is when they are too strict with themselves - specially with food. Its okay to diet, but don't restrict yourself in eating, just don't go overboard about thinking its calorie content.

6. dance, sing, live

One best way to achieve that inner glow and also shoo away premature lines is to do activities that will make you feel calm and relaxed both inside and out. One best way is to dance - with a partner, group or alone. Singing also helps you relax yourself. Both activities psychologically makes you feel more radiant because you feel good in showing what you got.

There you go here are some of the things that I think can turn the clock around so those lines and signs of aging can stay away for some more time.

have fun trying them.

good luck!

Much love!

-- Alice

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Girl's Essential on Shoes

I knew ever since I was young that besides from diamonds, shoes are a girl's bestfriend. A pair of shoes might make (or break) one's outfit. So having at least the essentials will help you go through your day with a smile.

1. Black Pumps with Low heel.

This pair can be used either in a corporate office outfit or even a simple night out outfit to give it that "chic" look. And being a low heel gives you the advantage of not having to suffer after that presentation at the board room.

2. Neutral Colored Heels

In choosing neutral colored heels, go for beige. Beige heels gives an illusion of longer legs. Nothing else to say about that.

3. Semi Casual Flats.

This one is my favorite. This can be a pair of ballet flats paired with jeans and a dressy top and you are good to go. Semi Casual Flats gives out a very nice feel to a simple outfit.

4. Dressy Black heels.

These pair is great with a cocktail dress for a night event your heading out to. You can also pair this up with a pair slacks to give it a classy look at the office.

5. Fun Metallic Heeled shoe.

By the way it was said no doubt it is perfect for a party outfit.

6. Everyday Comfort Shoe.

A comfort shoe is something that you want to wear on days that you don't feel like dressing up. Or on times that you need to run errands. My comfort shoe is one of my flats because I can pair it up with my jeans and shirt and I'm good to go.

7. Walking sneakers.

This is a pair you really need to have. Especially if you go on walks with your dog or you go jogging.

8. Heeled Casual Shoes.

These pair is perfect if you are going out with your friends or your special someone but you don't want to go over the top for it.

9. Boots of any style.

Boots is something that I am not accustomed in wearing since I live in the Philippines. But I know for a fact that a good pair of boots can make your jeans look fabulous.

10. Comfortable Slippers.

This is my favorite of all the essentials since this is the best one I can wear either at home, at the mall, or simply running errands. A good pair of Slippers will never let you down when you don't feel wearing your heels.

Well that's it. I hope you like my post for today. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to message me at the cbox at the sidebar or email me at

Can't wait for your responses!

Much love!

-- Alice

P.S. the pictures used here are not owned by me. I just got them google :P

Monday, March 21, 2011

How To: Apply Makeup In Five Minutes or more

I have heard a lot of articles about applying make up as fast as you can, here is my version of it.

After taking a bath, apply some moisturizer on your face. Leave it on your face for sometime; say a minute or two, so that your skin gets enough time to absorb the moisture. I usually apply my moisturizer is a patting motion. This way of applying moisturizer also keeps your face looking alive and gives that "fresh" look.

In the meantime, get your entire makeup ready, so that you do not end up looking for it. You need to prepare everything so that once that your moisturizer has been absorbed by your skin you won't stress yourself finding for your make up.

Now, apply the foundation on your face and blend it with the help of a sponge or a foundation brush. I usually do it with a sponge.

Next, you will have to apply your favorite eye shadow, followed by eyeliner, which will help define your eyes.

Concentrate on the shape of your eyes while using the liner, since you only have limited time in hand and do not want to use it in correcting wrong make up.

Apply your favorite mascara on the tips of your eyelashes. Apply a few small strokes of brow pencil, to enhance the color or shape of your eyebrows. Remember to pick the right color for your brows.

Apply a nice shade of lipstick on your lips. Instead of directly applying the lipstick onto your lips, use a lip brush to spread the color evenly over them in less time.

Put some blush on your cheeks to get some color on your cheeks for that "rosy" color, with the help of a blush brush of course.

Next, gently apply some loose powder on your nose and the t-zone. This will prevent the area from becoming oily throughout the day, this is to set your make up. If you don't want to use loose powder, you can try anything in the market to set your make up.

Last but not the least is to have a final check in the mirror to see if you are all set.

And there you have it! Usually for me foundation, mascara, blush and lipstick is what I need. But if I need to step it up a notch I use this.

Have a great Monday! ^_^

Much love!

-- Alice

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Series: My favorite Youtubers / Bloggers : Michelle Phan

If you follow me on twitter I know you've seen my wave of the videos I liked from her channel. For this edition of my favorites I present to you...

Michelle Phan!

I have started watching her videos ever since I started my youtube channel. Come to think of it, I started my youtube channel just to subscribe to her.. haha! but its true!

I love all her tutorials and try to remake them. One of my favorites was her Romantic Rose and Delicate Cherry Blossom look, both are so romantic and cute!

Michelle Phan also is a great make up artist and spokesperson for Lancome. She also has her own line of beauty products called IQQU. I'm planning on buying some...Not sure though if it can be sent in the Philippines. Please give me some feed back! ^_^

Michelle is born Vietnamese, but she grew up the United States.

I like Michelle Phan because her videos are so well made and her looks are easy to follow. Although some of the products she use are kinda pricey (I live in the Philippines) but you can remake it with the make up that you have. That's why I like her. She doesn't specify what product name you have to use for this look but more over the color that you have to use.

I hope she will be able to read this *wishful thinking*

Check out her channels and pages for more information

Iqqu's Website:

So I guess I have to go now. Thank you so much for reading this post!

Much love!

-- Alice

Saturday, March 19, 2011

PMS and How to Deal with it.

Menstruation is part of a girl's dilemma, its something that we get every month. With menstruation comes the cramps.

I am now having one and I am not in my happy me. Yet I am blogging it, which is weird...blame it on the PMS people!

PMS or Pre-menstrual symptoms, or popularly known as cramps is caused by the contraction of your uterus during your period, in other words your uterus contracts too hard. This can be mild pain in your abdominal area, lower back or ever your legs. The pain can vary from mild, moderate, and severe.

Usually PMS would begin before or during your period. It can last for like a couple of hours or a whole day, extreme cases would be having it for 2 days.

Here are some tips you can do to lessen the pain.

1. Eats lots of Fiber. Having a balanced diet will cleanse your body from excess estrogen.

Good source of fiber is eating fruits and veggies.

2. Try this trick: Lay face down on the bed, then get on your knees, stick your butt up in the air but leave your head in the pillow. This supposedly tilts the uterus and can relieve pain, this works I tell you.

3. Place a hot bottle or heating pad in your abdomen. This eases out the pain. If you don't want to do hot compress then have a hot bath so you will also feel refreshed.

4. GET MOVING! When I was younger, my PMS was severe that I really can't move but my mom told me to try to move around like walking for at least 15 minutes and it worked!

I suggest try walking for 15 minutes for first timers, then if your are a bit comfortable you can try exercising like using your treadmill. Moving will let blood circulate thus the pain will be relieved.

If all else fails,

5. Drink pain killers. I've instinctively put this at the end because pain killers are an easy option to let the pain ease. Based on experience, I kinda became dependent on drinking pain killers and my mom told me not to be one. It can be addicting I can tell you that.

6. Go to your OB-Gyne if you still experience sever pain. Checking with your OB-Gyne why you have severe pain will help you know more about it.

I hope this tips have helped you. Have a safe Sunday Ladies!


much love!

-- A

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Miracles Amidst the Tragedy

Miracles due happen in these times of crisis.

I just read from that a 4 month old baby girl had survived the tsunami that occurred last Friday.

According to the news, when the baby cried the rescuers thought that it was just their imagination, but when she cried again they knew it was real.

She actually survived 3 days in the cold, Luckily she was covered with a blanket. The only mystery was how she survived being drowned or being hit by the debris. I guess life is full of mysteries that will remain unanswered.

This little girl is a spark of hope for all of us that there are still survivors waiting to be rescued.

We may not be able to help financially, but with our prayers and faith I know that there will be more survivors.

Much love

-- A

note: I do not own the pictures that are shown. These are owned by

Monday, March 14, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

This is so great! I was given an award by my good friend Ian ( and

Thanks so much for awarding my blog girl!

Well this award has a few requirements that come with it. so here goes:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award—DONE

2. Share 7 things about yourself:

. I am a writer at heart but a talker at large.. is that even possible? haha

. I like to collect perfume from Avon, I don't know why but I like their perfumes

. I love to listen to music when I want be left alone.

. I would cry a river when I see a suffering animal, especially dogs.

. I have a tendency to forget so I need someone to remind me of the things I have to do (signs of aging? 0_o )

. I love to get lost on purpose! haha!

. I want to take photography this year.

3. Award 15 (or less) recently discovered great bloggers—DONE

4. And lastly, contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

On my way!

Much love!

-- A

Friday, March 11, 2011

Please Follow My Travel Blog!

Hey Ladies!

Writing and travelling has been one of my passions. But it never seem to fit well before, but then one day I tried to make it one and this is what came out.

Please follow me on my travel Blog. I actually made it a resolution that I have to visit at least 20 places here in the Philippines before 2011 ends.

Follow me on my journey to different places in the metro and also experience a different side of Manila.

go to to see more ^_^

much love! and have a great weekend!

-- A

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

20 things people don’t know about me

Hey Hey its a Tuesday!


Here's a little something to make you chuckle....if it can :D

20: I like to walk when I am not in the mood to talk to anybody.
19: I like to eat sampalok before I have my period (the sweet kind)
18: I can talk 10 hours STRAIGHT . I was in the call center for a year so this is a no-brainer...haha!
17: I drink alcoholic beverages like a guy,ONLY when I’m angry
16: I like to be drunk
15: I don’t like azucena (dog meat)…who does?
14: I hate police (you don’t want to know why)
13: I like Italian movies.
12: I like to read gay literature.
11: I cannot live without my organizer.
10: I absolutely love bags! Whether they are designer labeled or not
9: I like to read about witch craft and other creepy stuff
8: I like to watch horror films ALONE
7: I’m afraid of heights…BUT I like to ride roller coasters and other height frightening rides (ironic isn’t it?)
6: I have a tendency to be a obsessive compulsive towards my things when someone touches them without my consent
5: I like to ride fast vehicles
4: I don’t like reckless drivers. another ironic statement...
3: I hate guys who are over confident
2: I can read a book as thick as a nursing student’s book in a span of 3 hours or less.
1: I like to sleep on the first day of my period.

Tell me your 20 things!

much love!

-- A

Monday, March 7, 2011

I have a confession to make...I AM FAT

I admit to myself that I am on the "bigger size" for some time now. but I think now is the time to face the reality that I AM FAT.

I haven't actually weighed myself in over 3 months for the fact that I'm far too scared of accepting I'm fat.

I've heard the phrases that "I think you should start eating less now" and all those other stuff and I have just put them aside because I am used to them. I just got the shock of my life when I saw recent pictures of me from our outing and saw the horrible truth.

I'll show you pictures of what I looked 2 years before wearing the same sarong and the latest one.

see the difference? I really need to lose weight!

When I saw these pictures I was so de-moralized and had to face the fact that I have gained some weight. I had a previous post when I said that I have been doing the "half cup rice routine" and also my routine of walking from the MRT to my office, but I think its not enough.

Honestly speaking, I am not a fan of working out on gyms because I am so insecure of what I look like. I have actually been approached by a gym attendant on a mall one time offering me free trial on their gym, I was so pissed off that I ignored the guy!

When I look at my old pictures I really miss the feeling of me looking that way, but after thinking, I would start hating on how I gained weight.

I actually gained weight because of my previous job. I am mainly blaming it on the "routine" I had then. I would:

1. Wake up
2. Eat dinner.
3. Get ready for work
4. Go to work.
5. Eat while working.
6. Stay at my station and eat.
7. Done with my shift
8. Have a drink with my office mates
9. Go home and sleep.

That is about it. Pretty simple huh? That is just an ordinary day, When its Pay Day its much more different. I think that is why I got burnt out in the first place. But aside from that, I admit I have let go of myself during that time.

I was more active when I was in college, I would actually be able to do a marathon on heels (no exaggerations). Also I am not afraid to show you what I look like because I want my readers to know that I am not perfect. I am not some barbie doll that has a perfect life, or a perfect body for that matter.

I would also want you guys to see me as a friend who asks your support because starting today I will be more active and will have more perseverance in losing this blubber I have in my body. Please do support me in my battle against fat and to a better life.

I'd like to hear more from you, tell me some ways to be more fit. Post your comments below, I'd love to hear what you think. I'll also be showing you my progress thru pictures and blogs of course ^_^.

I know I have another blog that is more about food and travel. I still love food and eating for that matter, but I'll be picking better options for now. I would still be eating out and showing you guys neat restaurants, but I'll eat in moderation.

wish me luck..

-- A

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Series: My favorite Youtubers / Bloggers : COLORismyweapon

Happy Saturday Ladies!

I'm back with a new part of my series!

Let me introduce you to Noe or better known as


I saw her channel and subscribed
to her last year and we started chatting. She actually requested a song. ^_^

Noe likes to make looks like the Miss Universe 2010 series. One of her looks that I like the most is the ninja asassin Look.

Noe is from Cebu, which I heard is the Land of smiles.

The thing I love about her is that she is like a blank canvas that you can make her look like anything you want. She can look like a sweet girl next door, then one minute later you can make her look like a ninja asassin...well not really one minute ^_^

You can check her out on her pages

see yah on my new post!

much love!

-- A

MULTIPLY REPOST: Weird Beauty Tips that actually work!


These were some of the tips and tricks I learned from my mom, from Cosmo and among other :)

*** Try shaving your legs with conditioner instead of soap or shaving cream. I've done this myself, and it actually works really well! They say that the conditioner helps soften the leg hair so it's easier to shave off --which is true.

*** Use an exfoliating facial scrub on your underarms to help your pits look soft and pretty. facial scrubs are gentler than body scrubs. This is a good one if you like wearing sleeveless shirts!

*** Left with streaks after you use a self-tanner? oh dear! Put a little baking soda on a loofah and give yourself an all over scrub. It'll buff away the streaks and leave you with soft skin!

*** Spritz your favorite scent onto your hairbrush before you brush your hair. You'll smell good all day -- just one spritz is plenty. I like this idea a lot and have used this one on many occasions..

*** The next time you break a nail, put a dab of super glue or skin sealer over the split. Let it dry, then paint your nails (use at least two coats) with an opaque color to help seal the crack and hide the glue. I haven't tried this one but my gay friend says it really works.

A few makeup tricks that sound crazy... but they work!

*** Freeze your eyeliner for fifteen minutes before use. This will help keep the tip from crumbling or smearing. I love this idea! I don't often bother with makeup

*** Pre-heat your eyelash curler with your hair dryer. Just a couple of seconds will heat up your eyelash curler enough to make your lashes bend more easily.

*** Pick waterproof mascara if you'll be curling your lashes -- the waterproof varieties dry faster than other varieties, which means the curl will set better.

hope you like the tips!

much love!

-- A

Friday, March 4, 2011

My friend Emafe is having a giveaway!

Happy Friday my lovely readers!

Here is another plug I am making for one of my friends who is having a giveaway!

if you want you can check it out here!

Prizes she's giving away are:

1. 2 Hair Fashion accessories
2. 1 Beauties Factory Professional Nail Art
3. 10 pairs of eyelashes
4. Aics Cosmetics Eyeshadows & Blusher
5. L.A. Colors 10 color Eyeshadow in Aquatic Paradise
6. Careline Make-up set 3
7. Ever Bilena Pro Leg Make-up with UVA/UVB Protection
8. 4 Aido lipsticks in no. 9, 12, 6 and 3

Rules on how to win in her :

1. You must follow her blog
2. Post a comment with your Google friend connect. The comment can be about anything but you can only comment once.
3. Must be 18 years of age but if your under 18 ask your parents permission because she'll need your address to ship you your prizes

Additional entries:

* Blog about the giveaway (5 entries)
* Post my giveaway banner in the sidebar of your website or
blog (5 entries)
* Tweet my giveaway (5 entries)

Giveaway ends March 25th 2011.. Good luck=)

much love!

-- A

Thursday, March 3, 2011

To Beautynomics: sorry for the typo :(

This is just a post I'm making for the big boo-boo I made a couple of days ago.

I realized that I mismentioned her name... instead of "beautynomics" I said "Beautyconomics"

hehe...Really sorry Sophie... But I actually fixed it :D

maybe I made that typo for the fact that I haven't slept a complete 8 hours and I was still in my "sleepy" phase lol....

but again... I am terribly sorry about the typo error...

Much love

-- A

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MULTIPLY REPOST: when to throw away your make up

hello! I'm back with another re-post from my multiply account. I was thinking of making my multiply site more of my portfolio then this would be my main blog site. Enjoy reading!

Hi girls! I'm back! I know I have been out for a while. I've been pretty busy with work and other stuff that I haven't had much time to write new article.

Okay so its already December and Christmas is just around the corner, do you have plans this December 24?

Well for me usually around this time I would be cleaning out my stuff and check which ones I have to throw out. That means it can be old clothes, shoes, books, trash...and most specially make up!.

Throwing away your make up is kind of like throwing away your baby. I know how it feels and it hurts so much! but if its bad for you, you gotta let them go girl!

Here are some of the basics things you need to think and also do when you store or throw away your make up.

1. Put a date on your product when you first opened it. So you'll know when it has expired or not.

2. If your product smells funky...and not in a good way...throw it out immediately!

3. if you have developed rashes or acne, throw it out.

4. store them properly so that they will last longer.

Here are some of the life span of make up.

Mascara can last up to Every three months minimum, maximum is 6 months but if the product tends to clump up after the three month period say your goodbyes to it.

Foundation can last to One year minimum, but you can still give it another 3 months if you store it properly.

Concealer can last 12 – 18 months with proper storage.

Powder can last to 18 months or longer. But once that you get rashes or allergies, dispose it.

Blush/Bronzer can last to 18 months.

Cream blush lasts 12 – 18 months

Eye shadow and Eyeliner lasts 18 months

Liquid eyeliner lasts 6 months, you can still give another 2 months maximum.

Lipstick / lip gloss lasts for only 18 months

Lip liner and Nail polish lasts for only one year

Makeup sponges Wash them after each use with warm water, then throw away after a month. Longer than that can have bacteria build up.

I hope this helped you with your beauty dilemmas ^_^

peace and love!

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